Is online shopping a good decision?


Mahnoor Fatima, Staff Writer

People have conflicting perspectives on online shopping. You can buy anything inside the comforts of your home, and online shopping is available 24/7. So this means no matter how busy you are, you can buy anything online in your free time. Online stores often offer more competitive prices, plus discounts and instant cashback offers on some of the online shopping sites.
According to a Purple Pulse survey distributed to Woodhaven High School staff and students, 32.9% of WHS students and staffers primarily shop online at least 75% of the time, whereas 40.8% of people make 75% of their purchases from brick-and-mortar stores. Also, the internet has more varieties of brand clothing at a reasonable price. Some of the sites offer free shipping to your local area.
According to the survey, WHS’s three most popular online shopping sites are Amazon, Target, and Shein. These websites had many best offers for their costumes, for example, a wide selection of items with reasonable prices. Although he typically likes to support local businesses, social studies teacher Mr. Johnson-LeMieux likes to buy music and books from Amazon, acknowledging that some things you just can’t find locally. He explains, “I bought a Chewbacca (Star Wars) jacket online. I get serious nerd street-cred for wearing it around when I’m out on the town. I’ve even been moved up the line at restaurants for wearing the coat (and giving my best Wookie growl)!” Ruby Diaz, a sophomore, enjoys shopping from the comfort of her own home, explaining, “I do like to shop online. Some of the brands I will order from are usually Ulta or Amazon. I really like Amazon since they have quick shipping and since it’s more convenient for me.”
Nowadays many people don’t have time to go and buy from traditional stores, and this is one of the main reasons why people like to buy from online stores. Mr. Mayo, an English teacher at WHS notes the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping and appreciates the efficiency and the variety.
There are disadvantages, though. For example, the inability to try clothes on or examine products, shipping time, delays, and costs, and the negative impact of online shopping on local shopping discourage some shoppers, as the more people shop online, the less merchandise companies are inclined to keep in store.
Junior Khamilah Craig does 75% of her shopping online and likes to find unique items she can’t find easily at the mall, but she shares some of her bad experiences when she bought her makeup from a store that was delivered broken to her doorstep. “I brought some highlighter from Shein. It had cracked and broken up and when it was in my makeup bag the shiny highlight chucks spilled all in the bag and ruined some other makeup, this had really upset me and the inside of my bag was ruined so I had to buy a new one.” Sophomore Ashlyn Huston bought a small shirt from Shein that was apparently made for a giant, which really disappointed her because the shirt was was cute and would have been very cute in her actual size.
There are other downsides to shopping, as well. For example, people sometimes don’t receive anything and other times, they were sent the wrong thing, and still other times, they opened the package only to find they were the victim of a fraudulent sale. Add to that shipping delays and shipping costs, damaged items, and it’s easy to see the cons of online shipping. Social worker Katherine Silcox says, “For all the convenience of online shopping, the con is not being able to return as easily or try items on before purchasing.” English teacher Mrs. Kerns adds, “Sometimes I’d rather just take the loss than package everything back up or wait in that endless line at Kohl’s for the Amazon return. I return it in the end, but what I saved in money, I lost in my time. Sometimes I don’t make the return window and I lose my money, so shopping from my sofa isn’t always a win.”