10 Questions with…Sprinter Maurice Tyler


Mercy Burns

Maurice in his element.

Mercy Burns, Staff Writer

Sophomore Maurice Tyler is a standout sprinter on the track team. He has been competing on the track since he was in only fifth grade and enjoys it so much he plans to continue in college. Mercy Burns sat down with Maurice to see what drives him on the track and off. 

How long have you been running, and what made you decide to start when you did?

“I’ve been running for five years now, and what really made me start running was football because I wanted to get faster for when I get onto the field.”

Which events do you run?

“I run the 100, 200, 4 by 1 and 4 by 2 for track.”

How does it feel to be a standout sprinter while only being a sophomore in high school? Do you have a mentor that inspired you to get to where you are?

“Being a standout sprinter makes me feel good about myself, it really helped to boost my ego. My inspiration comes from Devin Henry and my coach Durell.”

What have you done to improve your performance on the track? Do you have any helpful advice for other runners?

“You have to work hard. Learn the correct form of a runner and how to control your breathing while competing.”

When you get tired while running, what do you do to get back on track? What skills have you learned to control yourself from slowing down?

“When I start to get tired I’ve learned to look at the ground because it helps distract me from any pain.”

Which meet would you say has been your favorite so far and why? How is your connection with the other sprinters on your team?

“My favorite meet so far has to be the Golden Triangle because there was a lot of competition, and it made me work harder.”

Have you reached any of your past goals, and what goals do you wish to accomplish in the future? 

“One of my past goals was to run sub eleven, which I accomplished. Now my goal is to be able to run sub 10.”

What drives you to continue even when things get hard?

When things get tough I think about my friends and family. I would never want to be seen as a quitter to the people I love. 

What are some at-home exercises track runners can do to help the athletes progress while on the field? 

“Some at-home exercises you can do at home are squats, lunges, heel raises. Honestly, anything to improve your form and speed. “

Do you plan to continue running in college? What team would you like to run for?

“Yes, I do plan on running in college. I hope to run for North Carolina for my future track team.”