10 Questions with…All-State Athlete Nathan Blaszczak


Senior Nathan Blaszczak had a celebrated football career as a Woodhaven Warrior, earning him the distinction of being named to the All-State team for 2022. Blaszczak excels off the field as well. In addition to his involvement in DECA and NHS, Blaszczak is also a Senior Scholar with an outstanding GPA. Alex Beller chats with Blaszczak about his journey to All-State and beyond. 

What position did you play during your football career? 

“For my high school football career, my main position was defense and middle linebacker. It always came second nature to me, the things I had to do. Playing football for 10 years prior definitely had a role in my experience in that position. I also played tight end on offense for my senior year.”

What influenced you to start football?

“I started playing football when I was 8 years old. I would have never even thought about playing if it wasn’t for my dad. He made me play and I fell in love with the sport since then.”

What motivated you to get to All-State? 

“I set goals for myself every year and they progressively got more and more challenging, and this year’s main goal was to be all-state. I really wanted to pursue an accomplishment that was in my opinion the highest achievement I could accomplish.”

What was your reaction when you found out you were All-State? 

“I was actually really shocked because I didn’t think I personally played good enough this season to make all-state, and seeing the other names on that list really put into perspective how good I was because I am always too hard on myself.”

What were your ups and downs and how did you get through it? 

“My downs mostly consisted of our very few losses in my varsity career. Obviously, nobody likes to lose, and it is not a great feeling having to recoup your team and motivate them after a loss. My ups were mostly based on my own athletic validation. It was very hard for me to be happy with myself because I set myself to such a high standard, but when I felt good about my performance it just made the feeling so much better.”

Who inspired you throughout your football career? 

“The people that inspired me most during my career were my father and my brothers. My brothers were both collegiate athletes and I always needed to prove to myself that I was better than them so that drove me to work harder. My other inspiration was my dad who got me into the sport, he would always be there to critique me in any way.”

What was the best moment you experienced during your football career?

“The best game I have been a part of was the Allen Park game my junior year, that game was just indescribable. But if I had to narrow down a specific moment, it would be our first playoff game of junior year against Dearborn. In that game, I stopped a 4th and 1 attempt late in the game that sealed our win.”

What is your leadership off and on the field? 

“My leadership on the field as a senior was very prominent because I was one of very few juniors that started the year prior. This experience made my teammates look up to me more and look to me for guidance. Off the field, I am involved in a lot of different clubs and associations including NHS, president of DECA, and also being a tribe leader for the student sections for games.”

What legacy do you leave behind for the younger players? 

“I’d say the legacy I leave behind for the underclassmen can be a lesson that hard work can really pay off, and if you want to accomplish something that you’re passionate about, you can.”

Are you continuing your football career in college? 

“I do plan on playing football at Grand Valley State University as a walk on, whether I take a year off or plan on going straight into it my freshman year, I still haven’t decided.”