10 Questions With…Basketball Phenom Kamari Dabbs


Katherine Carmack, Staff Writer

Kamari Dabbs, a point guard, has been playing on the girl’s varsity team for all four years of her high school career. Basketball has had a lot of effect on her life because she has grown up with it. Through the years she has grown into becoming a great leader and great basketball player. She influences a lot of people with her great leadership and communication skills. Kamari is moving forward with her life in new steps. She will take what she has learned into her future as a basketball player. 

How long have you been doing basketball and what made you choose basketball?

I’ve been playing basketball for around 7 years. I choose this sport is because one day I just picked up the ball and I liked it. So then I joined a rec league and loved it ever since. 

What is your position and what helped you choose that?

I tried out for point guard and the second I started dropping the ball on offense I knew that was my position because I like handling the ball and doing all my moves. 

Did you have a mentor that helped you through your career?

I’ve always had my coaches to help me improve my skills throughout the years. Without my coaches, I wouldn’t have had anyone teach me how to become a great player.  

How has being a student-athlete affected your leadership?

Being a student-athlete has helped me lift up people and has helped me figure out tough situations in and out of school. Such as in games I know how to get people in the right mentality and hype each other up and get each other going. I know how to bring a team together no matter what. 

Throughout the years was there a time when you wanted to quit? What made you come back from that?

 I’ve been very lucky throughout my experience as I’ve never wanted to quit because basketball is my getaway and throughout the years I’ve had nothing but great teammates and good coaches. If I have ever had problems I can always just play basketball and it always distracts me but basketball has never made me feel anything but relief. 

How does basketball affect your life? Has it made any big changes?

Basketball has let me become a better person and know how to work with different types of environments and also when it comes to my future I get to play in college for free thanks to my skills.

How has basketball taken you from being a girl to an adult?

I’ve grown up with basketball and it’s shaped me in becoming the person I am today. I would be a whole different person if it wasn’t for basketball and as I go into college I think that the skills that all my coaches and all of my journey have taught me how to present great skills of communication with other people. 

What made you want to pursue a career in college basketball?

I saw an opportunity and I took it for free college. So I’m doing the thing I love while also getting free education. 

Where are you going to play basketball in college? What helped you choose this college?

I chose St. Clair Community College because it is a very large campus the team is really good. The dorms are beautiful. My dorm will have a rooftop grass patio to study on. I’m right downtown next to the beach and they have great classes for law which I’m majoring in. 

How do you feel about starting over as a freshman in college?

I think this is a good fresh start that I need to start improving my grades and working harder for school. Also, the level of basketball I’m working in is going to help me improve so much while also not just improving my skills and grades but also improving in life.