10 Questions With…Wrestler Jacob Navarro


Musa Bukhari

Wrestler Jake Navarro

Musa Bukhari , Staff Writer

Senior Jacob Navarro has been one of the top Wrestlers for the Warriors for four years and in that time, he has made a huge impact on the mat. He was the first Woodhaven freshman to make it to states, and he earned his place among the best of the best each year of his high school career, finishing 3rd place in the state his junior year and 6th his senior year. 

As a top Woodhaven wrestler, what suggestions do you give someone who wants to start wrestling?

Be ready for commitment. Wrestling is not a sport you can pick up and just be good at—you have to dedicate most of your time, and you have to realize that failure is your only way of being successful in the sport.

How would you describe your overall high school wrestling experience?

I would describe it as a long bumpy road. At some points, there are highs but also really low lows. It was overall a memorable experience. 

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of?

Definitely overcoming all the obstacles and being a 2-time state place in division one. I was also the first freshman in Woodhaven High School wrestling history to ever compete in states. 

Who has helped you get better at wrestling?

All my coaches, teammates, family, and I can’t forget my dad. He was there for me from when I first laced up my shoes until I took them off the final time when I wrestled at states. 

What mental challenges do you deal with in wrestling?

Wrestling is a very physically demanding sport. The competitors do not care if you are sick or injured—if anything they will come after you harder after smelling the blood in the water.

How was your experience going to states?

It was unmatched. There was no other atmosphere like that in any other tournament held at Ford Field, which is a huge stadium. The butterflies kick in when you’re on the field looking up at everybody in the crowd knowing that you are under the spotlight. 

What in wrestling did you want to achieve?

 My huge goal from when I was 5 years old was to go to get a college scholarship to help pay. Luckily with my success, I achieved this and now will be attending college for free. 

When did you start wrestling? 

My dad has me doing basic moves since I was in diapers. I started competing when I was 5 years old and continued on throughout all of high school. 

How was your overall training?

It was intense. I prided myself for being, if not the most, of being the hardest worker in the room at all times.

What legacy do you leave behind as you leave the Woodhaven wrestling program? 

I made sure that I left the team with confidence. I would like to say I had a very positive effect on the young kids, and took time out of my day to actually help them out.