Prom Styles For Men


Musa Bukhari, Staff Writer

As prom is coming up, many boys and girls look forward to shopping. Most people hear about girls shopping, hair, and styles for dance, but boys also have a lot that they can look at. For prom, some kids may not have a budget, some kids may not know what to get, some don’t know how to style themselves properly, and some struggle with mannerisms in general. Now we will be looking at styles and ways for boys to prom. These are some ways men can focus on themselves to look better for prom.

Little details that matter the most: It’s the little things that add up and make men look good—think hands, hair, and shoes. Minor details like a good manicure make a man look good. Malls have a lot of spas, but you can go is called Deluxe Nail and Spa. Take care of your hair. Refine your hair with gel, and pluck and straighten your eyebrows to frame your face. And don’t forget your feet. Even if you don’t have the best shoes, you can polish them and make them look clean.  Also, the most important thing is your scent which can give others a good impression. Bleu is a good cologne since it lasts long.






People with a modest budget: If you are not looking to spend a lot of money, you can shop at different websites for a good deal. It can be simple things like a handkerchief. You can get different varieties from Amazon for $6.99, for example. If you have four pairs of other suits, you can combine 18 styles. Rental options are also available at places like Men’s Warehouse, and right now if you spend $250, you can get 25% off. Some people try to buy the whole suit, but you don’t do that. Let’s say you are getting a black case, but you already have a black shirt; you can use that, or have black pants, you can use that as well. So sometimes buying the whole outfit isn’t necessary. 








Different styles one can wear: People have other preferences about what they like to wear. There are certain things one can focus on, like formal or flashy—people like just wearing simple colors. But the good thing is if you have five different suits, that can give you 40 mix-and-match combinations. Try on and see what suits you. Being colorful can sometimes make a person stand out. Since it’s prom and some people want to look flashy, you must stand out with that. Primarily focus on the jacket if you’re going to look flashy because that will make you look stand out. If you get a black jacket, make sure it stands out and has designs because, in light, it shines. Whatever warehouse you go to, try out different pieces of clothing, like a turtleneck, vest, tie, etc., to see what stands out. 









Types of shoes a person can wear: A place that is good for looking at shoes is DXL. They have different shoes, like velvet style, dress shoes, and loafer monk shoes. It would help if you focused on the perfect shoes because that makes the look stand out overall. Since it’s prom, you want to ensure the shoes are shiny. Let’s say you are wearing a red suit. You can match it with black or red. But make sure that the shoes are shining, and make sure the shoes are comfortable. 








Good manners: If you are coming with a date, you must be a gentleman. You have to be the one to open the door, bring flowers, and make your date feel appreciated. Whether you decide to go somewhere to eat, be the one to pay the bill. An extra step to make them feel appreciated is paying for their account. These are ways they will have respect for you.