Fun ways to get moving and stay motivated

Musa Bukhari, Staff Writer

Working out is definitely an activity that can help people mentally, physically, and spiritually. Regular physical exercise helps people deal with problems like anxiety, depression, and self-confidence. According to Science Daily, researchers at the University of Vermont found that regular exercise led to a decrease in self-harm in adolescents. Moving the body can give a new focus for life. Motivational speaker David Goggins lost 100 pounds to become a Navy Seal. Goggins explains, “Every day tested my commitment. My best lessons learned didn’t come from a book. They came from me seeing things through to the end.” Whether you want a good means of grounding yourself, want to feel better, hope to lose a few pounds, or just want to find something fun to do, exercise is never a bad bet. 

Can’t go to the gym? Don’t like gyms in the first place? 

Most people can’t afford gym memberships or don’t know what workouts to do at the gym. But there are so many things a person can do. The main thing is being active you can do things like walking, running, and biking to help you get in shape. If you want to do any of those, an app that can help you is called Goals and Fitness. There are options in that app for beginner, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels. You can do the level you believe that you are at. After you are done, it lets you know how many calories you have burned and the distance you have completed. Core workouts are important to get in good shape. For that, you should watch YouTube videos by WeShape. They give all sorts of core exercises for beginners. It can be helpful if you do it for 15 mins a day. These are some great alternatives to going to the gym.

Sports that you can play

If running, walking and biking don’t interest you, that’s okay—there are plenty of other ways to get moving. A fun way is if you have 2 people you can run a quick game of basketball for 20 points. This will keep you motivated for the game while you get your blood pumping. If you don’t have a basketball court, you can go to Inkster Rec Center to run a game, and there are a lot of people there to join. You can play volleyball on the sand courts at the Lake Erie Metropark. You can find all kinds of recreational teams and play just for fun. If you are in school, you can play sports like football, basketball, and soccer, and get involved. 

Other things you can focus on? 

Just move. It doesn’t have to be exercise—just move. Stretch and work on mobility. There is a girl on YouTube named BurpeeGirl who shows fun dance movements that anyone can do. This is a good way to burn calories for people who don’t like playing sports or going to the gym. It will only be beneficial for the person to do these activities since it focuses on. Movement in general helps people with weight loss and YouTube videos are beneficial. 

Fun indoor activities one can try? 

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on things you want to do outside like running, playing sports, etc. If you want to do something cool, go swimming at Lake Willow at Huron. You can go to the Sky Zone for trampoline and rock climbing activities—they have fun things like dodgeball there which you can play with different people there. Even for 10 mins that’s good enough to get a person sweating just jumping around.

Foods to focus on? 

Do not skip meals like breakfast and eat plenty of meat, vegetables, and complex carbs. Drinking lots of water increases the metabolic rate in your body, so drink plenty of water. Also cutting down on drinking sugary drinks like pop is important since it contains high calories of sugar. Sticking to water is the best thing possible.