10 online businesses you can start as a teenager


Trinity Drew, Staff Writer

Being a teenager, going to school, and holding down a job can be difficult. Don’t burn yourself out, there are so many ways to accumulate income in today’s society. Gen Z has been taking the internet by storm. The internet had a huge breakthrough in the growth of businesses and distributing employment more than ever for teens. Teens from all different backgrounds use the internet to make money and you can too. Don’t let being a teen in school stop you from doing this. Here are 10 attainable businesses you can start as a teenager in school. 

Digital products

Digital products 

Digital products are products you sell that can’t be touched. They are usually stored in files, PDFs, videos, and MP3s, For example, online courses and Ebooks with information that people will feel they need or want. People usually sell through their own sites created on Shopify. This is a business that is easy to create with a product that will appeal to users. Figure out a need, for example, test-taking strategies or online cooking books, and fill that in your own creative way. To Build your online store you can build your platform through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, tik tok, and even Snapchat.




Ebook Author

Ebooks are a great way to make money, especially for someone who likes to write. It is a form of a digital product that is fairly simple. Ebooks range in a large variety whether it is, informational, business, romance, etc. You can start on google docs with a writing of your choice but one that you know will be profitable. You can use apps like Canva to structure your book, add cover art, etc. All that’s left to do is sell it through sites like Amazon seller or Etsy and promote the book on social media platforms to make sales.




Amazon store

Amazon store 

Being an Amazon seller can be a broad business. You can sell items you already own, a brand of something you want to sell, or random items from vendors that you can profit off of.  That can vary from clothes to skin care tools to led lights. This one is really simple to start. You can simply sign up to be an Amazon seller and start selling whether it is your own product or a product manufactured from your vendor. 45% of amazon sellers make $1,000 to $25,000 a month so this business is extremely profitable. 









Dropshipping is a business that is profitable and can take very little to invest. It is when you sell products that you do not keep in stock. Now what I mean by that is you go through a vendor like any other business, but they ship the purchased product directly to the customer. This cancels out all the in-between steps to packaging. For example, you list items from your vendor on your site, then a customer will purchase any of the products on your site. A message is sent to the vendor to ship this product directly to the buyer. To sum it up the customer pays you and you pay the vendor. Products can be anything from clothes to lip gloss. Big sites like Amazon use drop shipping and make extreme income. 


Online tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring may be a good choice for those that are passionate and good at school. Online tutoring can be any subject—Math, Art, English, Science, etc. You can communicate and teach people through video call apps like Zoom and get paid hourly according to your own set price. 







Digital advertising

Digital advertising

Digital advertising usually applies to people with a large audience on social media. This job requires you to promote other businesses or brands to reach customers, whether you use social media, connections, web advertising, or word of mouth. You will spend your days creating and uploading content to promote the businesses while getting paid.





Content creating

Content creating 

Teenagers with large audiences or influence can now use that to their advantage. They can generate content that their viewers will love and watch repeatedly. TikTok is a great example of that. They will pay you based on the number of views you get after applying for the TikTok Creator fund and adhering to the TikTok community guides. These large social media influences can also lead to brand deals and paid promotions. 


Content editor

Content Editor

A content editor is a business that requires tech skills, but anyone can learn to do this. YouTubers, influencers, and business owners pay good money for content editors. Content editing is the process of proofreading, fact-checking, and editing to customers’ liking. 






Create Imagery

Create imagery (logos, YouTube intros/outros, flyers)

A great way to make quick and easy cash is to create logos, Youtube intros/outros, and flyers for content creators, business people, or anyone. You can use your skills to bring your customers’ vision to life. There are tools on the internet that make these processes easy as well. Apps like Canva and iMovie will easily help you achieve this goal. 




Clothing business

Start your own clothing business

Clothing businesses might be the most complex business of them all. It will take more money to invest, but if it’s something you want to do, go for it. It can also be an extremely profitable business. The average cost to start an online clothing store is between $500-$2000. First, you will need all of your proper licensing to sell clothing. A consistent, reliable vendor that will supply your clothing is important too. After that, the hard part is to find a reliable platform you want to sell your clothing, build and promote your brand, then sell out.