5 prom hairstyles you can do at home


Lauren Kuehnlein, Staff Writer

Prom is coming up and choosing a hairstyle is just as important as the dress. Here are five easy ways to achieve prom hairstyles. 

Low bun- Start by brushing your hair and parting it in the middle. Gather hair in a low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Twist ponytail in a secure bun and pin with bobby pins. Add hairspray to hold hair in place. 

Braided updo-  Part hair on one side. Braid it in a loose french braid on the one side. Gather braid and stop at the back of neck then place into a low bun.  Tuck the end of the braid in a bun and place bobby pins to secure hair. 

Slick back braid- Start by brushing your hair, put it in a slick back ponytail. Braid the hair and secure it with a hair tie. Can pull on the braids to loosen them to achieve thicker hair. 

Bubble ponytail- Brush hair in high ponytail with hair tie. Add a few hair ties to create a bubble look. Loosen the hair to have thicker hair.

Fishtail braid- Split hair in two equal sections. Take a strand from the left section and cross it to the right section. Repeat the process on the right section by taking a small section of hair and cross to the left till the end of the braid. Secure with hair tie and hold it with hair spray.