10 Questions With…Spirit Queens Julia Noal and Kaylie Ferris


Trinity DiLorenzo and Tara Gaskell, Staff Writers

Senior Julia Noal held the position of Spirit Queen since her Junior year, and in her time in the purple wig, Julia has inspired many students to go full out for Spirit Week. At her final Pep Assembly, she passed on her crown to Sophomore Kaylie Ferris, who brings her own unabashed Purple and White flair. 

Julia Noal

What inspired you to start participating in spirit weeks?

 “I’ve always participated in them, and I just think it’s a lot of fun just coming up with the cool outfits. I just take it as the one week you can just wear anything that you want and nobody gets to say anything because it’s spirit week. People always think it’s super cool so I just kept doing it.”

What was the rush you felt when you won spirit queen for the first time? 

 “I was so surprised because it was my junior year for snoball and obviously I’d known that Piper was the spirit queen but she was on court. So I was like ‘Oh my gosh’ and she was like ‘Julia you have to run cause I’m not going to win it so it has to be you’ and I was like ‘ok cool’. The first time I ran I kind of knew I was gonna win cause there was nobody else. Then for homecoming, I was super excited because it was the whole loud scream-off, and that was my first year with the purple wig so it was very exciting.”

As a senior, was it bittersweet that it was your last year to go all out for spirit weeks? “Yeah, it definitely was just cause I feel like people don’t really do that in college. It kind of helped that I’m on student council so I planned all of the days so I knew how to prepare and I was just honestly trying to make every outfit the best spirit day outfit I could make.”

As someone who paved the way for other students to feel comfortable with dressing up, how do you feel you have left your legacy as spirit queen each year?  

“I feel like I’ve shown people that it doesn’t matter what you wear, spirit days especially, but just any day. You can wear what you want, wear what makes you feel good and confident. I think it honestly helps with participation in spirit weeks cause people realize that it’s really not that important and you don’t need to be so self-conscious.”

When you look back in 10 years, what will you remember seeing old pictures or memories of your spirit week outfits?  

“Probably looking at my outfits and thinking ‘Wow! She really ate with those’. My purple and white outfit is kind of the iconic purple wig moment. I do really like the tropical outfits too, my hula skirt and my swimsuit, those ones are fun.

Kaylie Ferris

Kaylie Ferris is a Sophomore who recently won Spirit Queen at the Sno Ball Pep Assembly. Kaylie went full-out on her outfits for spirit week for each day. Kaylie’s outfits showed an immense amount of spirit, and it was a joy to see her different outfits. She is now taking over Julia Noal’s legacy as spirit queen, and she has the potential to hold on to that title until her senior year. 

What was your inspiration to start participating in spirit week? 

“I’ve been participating since elementary school, I’ve always done it because it’s fun.”

What was your initial feeling when you won this year’s Snoball Spirit Queen? 

“Oh I tried last year and I didn’t win, but I think it’s really fun and I think everyone should participate in it. I thought that I could win this year and I was motivated.”

As a sophomore, do you plan to continue participating with out of these world outfits and keeping your reign as spirit queen? 

“Ya, I plan to continue participating all the way to my senior year. Yes! I’m motivated!”

How do you feel you can inspire the incoming classes to participate in spirit weeks?  

“Well, I do it on Tik Tok a lot. I think that’s a good way to spread the word and inspire more people to participate.”

When you graduate and look back on your amazing spirit, how will you remember uplifting others to participate and your first-time winning spirit queen? 

“I’ll always remember how fun it is to see the whole school participate in spirit week and enjoy the pep rally together. Spirit week definitely unites the school in so many aspects!”