5 ways to make your high school experience better


Tyreke Williams, Staff Writer

Do you need advice going into high school? High school can be a really exciting time, but it can also be a bit overwhelming for a lot of reasons like the pressure to do well academically, socially, and in extracurricular activities. Here are a few things you want to know about in high school and apply to your life as you go through these 4 years.   

Physical activity 

Physical activity could help you boost your mental and physical health.  Less than half of teenagers get 60 minutes of physical activity. If you convert some of that time to doing something physical like going for a run, going to the gym, or picking up a sport, it helps you control and work towards something you can potentially like and maybe pick as a career. Working out is a really good way to get rid of stress because it releases feel-good endorphins. Also, it helps your body physically because you gain strength as you get rid of stress. Working out is all pros and no cons if you’re doing it in the right way. 


Organization can take you a long way with high school just knowing where everything is and having quick and easy access to it is so stress relieving because if you have to take 10 minutes to find a pencil or a piece of paper from your math class you might be missing out on some of the lessons or be distracting to your classmates. Organization can make your life easier not just in school but out of school too, having a clean room you can go home to and lay down after a long draining day of school doing homework and going to practice 5 days a week.  School can be very draining at times. 



Social activity 

Having someone to talk to while you’re in school whether it’s a friend, teacher, or even the principal about what you’re going through daily is important. Expressing yourself helps you understand it better because it’s proven by scientists that if you express problems that you have out loud you have a better understanding of them. Friends can also add happiness into your life like going to hang out at restaurants, going on drives and just being social in general. Also, make sure that your friends that you are hanging around are friends that you know are good for your well-being and you’re not hanging around a bunch of people that are going to pressure you into doing something that’s not good for you. Most people go along with their friend group so if that one friend is doing something wrong the other people will follow along so that they won’t feel out of the group.


Getting sleep 

Sleep is very important not just in high school but outside of high school too because sleep deprivation is the number one death in America to this day. Getting a good 8-12 hours of sleep a night is very beneficial in long-term and short-term life. When you don’t get enough sleep you feel very unenergized and sleepy. You can’t work to your full potential for as long as you can when you get the full amount of sleep you should. Especially if you play sports or have a job because that  7 ½ hour day after school, going to work for 4 hours after school, or going to practice is very draining which means you need your full 8-12 hours of sleep. When you began to practice and or work out you can give it your all and go to work and not look like you are half asleep. 


Nourishing food 

Finding good food to eat and what’s good and healthy for your body is beneficial in so many ways. The right foods feed not just you but your brain for you to learn and energize you for the day as in fruits. Creating a diet is not just for certain people it’s for everyone you can have a heavy-calorie diet or a calorie deficit, whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, It fuels you throughout the day and gives you lots of energy. When you’re going to school for 8 hours a day you’re going to need a well-balanced meal to get you through the day with energy because learning is very draining but also very important. Also drinking enough water you may think drinking 2-3 cups of water is enough but it’s not on average you should drink 1 gallon of water a day or 128 ounces of water this will also make you hydrated and keep your body healthy.