REVIEW: Ginny and Georgia

Stream Ginny and Georgia on Netflix.

Stream Ginny and Georgia on Netflix.

Ashley Godlewski  , Staff Writer

Ginny and Georgia hit Netflix in February 2021. The mother-daughter teen drama was an instant success, earning a 64% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the second season saw a 34% increase in viewership with 504.77 million viewers, proving that the right mix of family drama, absurdity, and cringe sells. 

Season 1 opens with Georgia, the mother of Ginny and her younger brother Austin. Georgia wants to put down roots and make a better life for her and her family, after her husband’s death. She does so by moving to Wellsbury Massachusetts with Ginny and Austin. However, as she tries to figure out a pathway through life, her dark secrets haunt her.

If you like Riverdale, Gilmore Girls, or Desperate Housewives, you will love this show, with plenty of drama, cringeworthy characters and twists. While the first season had a substantial plot, building a climax using scenes of characters past, the second season felt less cohesive. With a more complicated, emotional plot, the season was harder to keep up with. Then, the season was left with a cliffhanger that should have carried on longer.

Ginny and her high school friend group called “MANG” is very cringe-worthy. They call themselves the “MAN” at the beginning of the show because they are inseparable and that’s how “MANG” started, they behave like they are stuck in middle school, they always want attention, especially Maxine I feel she brings the most cringe to the group. During the high school scenes, there wasn’t an actual time where I felt it was actual high schoolers, it was just adults trying too hard to make it seem as if they playing off a teenage role by the way they have conversations and how they treat others and the real cringe is how they incorporated “Power scenes” basically a character trying to act like they did something and won when they embarrassed themselves.

Georgia and Ginny’s relationship goes back and forth from loving each other to hating each other and I feel that their relationship is very unhealthy. Georgia wants what is best for Ginny but Ginny just constantly feels she is being brought down and that the world revolves around her. My favorite character on the show would have to be Georgia. She brings enjoyment and entertainment to the show but I also think she can be a bit much. She is one of those characters that has a personality that you can just watch the whole show just by her acting skills and creativity. My favorite saying that Georgia says in the show is the Iconic moment of the advice she gets “If you find yourself a bee, sting first” I just feel that advice was given to Georgia for a reason and she uses it to survive the deepest dark secrets she has especially having targets on her every step she takes. 

As far as the characters in the show, they are often written in a way that is relatable. I have moved to different schools and felt the anxious, anxiety feeling Ginny felt when she moved schools.

I cannot end this review just yet, because the best part is the soundtrack on the show that puts the whole show together. The music for the first season was a mix of pop and slow music and the music added emotion to each scene. My favorite song from the soundtrack of the show would have to be Trampoline, by SHAED, Juaz. In the second season, the music in the show was more emotional than the first. There was some jazz, and some mixes of different genres but mostly music that will give the scenes more emotion in it.