My favorite R&B artists of our generation

Tyreke Williams, Staff Writer

R&B or rhythm and blues, music originated in the African American community in the 1940s. The original name for R&B was race music or black music, but then RCA Victor was marketing it under rhythm and blues, which is where R&B originated. R&B originated in the 1940s but it really started to spark in the late 20th century. From Prince in the 1970s to Jill Scott in the 2000’s, many new artists have come along on their journey of music and releasing music that will change the whole music industry. Drake, SZA, and Brent Faiyaz have made their marks and will define R&B for years to come. 


Drake is one of the most successful and influential R&B, hip hop artists of our time. The reason Drake gained fame was because his flow was unmatched and unlike any other artist. His ability to change his flow and still be in rhythm sets him apart from others. He stayed relevant for a long time and has dominated the charts, never once dropping off the charts. Drake is a collaborative artist. He has worked with many different artists over the years, ranging from rap and back to R&B. The different artists would add their own flows to Drakes, thus elevating his unmatched flow to another level. He is a hitmaker and trendsetting artist he has a long list of chart-topping hits. Overall Drake is a talented and influential artist who has had a successful career and a big impact in the music industry. There’s no doubt that he is one of the most important and talented figures in modern music. My recommendation for Drake is “Nothing Was the Same” and in this album, he relates to success and celebration and how he got throughout his music career as he elevated and created a sound and name for himself as a whole.


SZA is a talented R&B singer-songwriter who has been shooting her way to the top in recent years. Her voice is unique and softly spoken, which creates a very soulful sound and is instantly recognizable and she has a way of infusing her music with raw emotion which is very relatable. Also, she is not afraid to take risks; she blends elements of different music into her music such as soul, hip-hop and of course, R&B. She’s very authentic, her music is not just a bunch of words but things that she has been through in her own experiences and emotions which makes it very powerful. She’s also one of the few women in the male-dominated hip hop world which makes her voice a lot more important and more talented because her sound is even more diverse and is very represented in the music industry. In conclusion, SZA is a very talented and well diverse artist that is worth checking out. Her music is very soulful and honest. She keeps it 100 and is very artistic. I recommend SZA’s Ctrl(deluxe). In this album she really makes you feel the emotions and power in her voice throughout the album and what she’s been through. She also talks about her relationships with her partners and she often duels and sometimes she’s at peace with them and she is in the middle turning the tables. 


Brent Faiyaz 

Last but not least, Brent Faiyaz. Brent is a rising R&B artist who has been bombing the charts with his albums. Brent’s voice is really one of a kind, it’s smooth, soulful and vocals are instantly recognizable which makes him stand out from the rest of R&B artists. Brent is not just a talented singer but also a gifted songwriter. His lyrics are honest and relatable making them easy to relate with but they can also blow right over your head. Personally, I relate to a lot of music that Brent drops so he is very authentic and deeply personal he reflects on things that happened in his life and bring them into his music. He’s versatile. Brent’s music ranges from slow introspective ballads to upbeat songs that you can dance to with that being said he can appeal to a wide range of listeners. With that being said Brent Faiyaz is one of the most unique and talented artists who is definitely worth checking out, he is sure to be on the radar for the R&B world for years to come. My recommendation for Brent Faiyaz is F**K the World, which features his personal life and his questioning the world on why things go the way they do. The beat works as a feature while his voice carries the music wholly; this album was truly a work of art.