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WHS construction project moving steadily along

Riley Cottrell
Active construction on the new cafeteria.

With all the construction, demolition, and work going on at Woodhaven High School, it’s hard not to wonder what exactly is happening. Purple Pulse staffers toured the construction site with Principal Jay Vesperman to get the inside scoop.

As the Woodhaven Brownstown School District continues to grow, the school is undergoing renovations so high school is no longer split between buildings. This crucial expansion will allow the freshman to have a more complete high school experience.

Most people believe that the construction is just on new classrooms but it’s much more than that.

Some bathrooms were upgraded over the summer break, but the renovations don’t stop there. “Every classroom is getting a facelift,” said Vesperman, “The building will slowly be facelifted with new ceiling tiles, lights, repainted walls, and new flooring. The classrooms will be either gray, 2 different purples, or white.” Students and staff are already enjoying these improvements in B- and C-Hall.

As the construction progresses, teachers will move to temporary classrooms until their classrooms renovations are complete. The teachers that teach the same subjects will remain in the same area. Math teachers stay with the Math teachers and the English teachers with the English teachers, and so on to keep the building departments connected.

Tweaks to the original plan affect the deadline as more topics are added and reconsidered. For example, the new art room was supposed to be two classrooms, but the need for the art space overruled the original plan.

“The deadline for the construction depends on the individual project itself. The new graphics room and art room should be complete by the end of October,” said Vesperman. The staff bathrooms in B-Hall and the Students C-Hall bathrooms should be opening in the first two weeks of October, and classroom renovations are moving slightly ahead of schedule. 

The official estimated time of completion of the new and improved Woodhaven High is spring break of 2025.

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