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Warrior swim represents best sportsmanship Downriver

Emma Loger

The Woodhaven Warriors girls swim team brings home the gold while displaying the best sportsmanship Downriver.

The Warriors defeated Southgate 100-62 making their total record 3-1 while taking first place in seven out of the twelve events.

While the girls grab the victory, they express compassion by supporting the other team once their teammates finish the race. 

Liliana Hughey-Seiber, a freestylest, explains how wonderful the environment is for the warriors, but also the other teams competing. The team always does their best to encourage everyone during the races.

Hughey-Seiber states, “Swim is a hard sport, and there are a lot of new girls every year. Good sportsmanship is very important, especially in physically and mentally hard sports. Having someone cheering you on is always something that is motivating and uplifting. Always motivate and uplift people, even if they aren’t on your team.”

Analiese Clinton, a senior, who took first place in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 28.52, elaborates how it feels when others support her, “I personally think it is a delightful thing when everybody, even when against each other, are working together. Yes, we are going against to win, but we know deep down that we all would want someone there for us so when other people cheer for each other it’s a heartwarming thing.”

The support the team demonstrates reflects the community, the swimmers’ families, coaches, and who they are. It explains what good morals everyone on the team has.

It’s hard for Warrior swim fans to not love the support they show the other team by cheering them on during or after the meet.

The girl’s varsity swim team truly embodies everything sportsmanship is. 

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