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SPOTLIGHT: The ever spirted Kaylie Ferris


Kaylie Ferris continued her school pride with her extravagant outfits for Spirit Week. 

As a sophomore, Ferris dethroned the long-reigning Spirit Queen Julia Noal and earned her crown at Snoball last year, and in her junior year, Ferris’ commitment to Purple & White has only grown more impressive. 

Her creativity is seen through her outfits for every spirit day. “I love taking the time to plan different outfits and prepare for each theme.” Her passion for this is noticeable and highlighted in each outfit she chooses. 

Kaylie says her favorite is purple and white day, “Purple and white day would have to be my all-time favorite.” Ferris dedicates time to each outfit. Her creativity radiates off of her.

Although Ferris fell to sophomore Harper Barnhart in a close competition, she plans to come back for her crown at Snoball. “I feel confident in my ability to bounce back and win,” she says. Whatever the outcome of the next Spirit Queen competition, it will be fun to see who out sparkles and feathers the other in this friendly rivalry for the most school spirit, and that is the point of being so over-the-top.

Ferris strives to promote participation, “When I won Spirit Queen, I felt genuinely happy and loved.” Ferris hopes everyone will feel this happiness when others put themselves out there. 

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