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Tennis team mascot continues to inspire

Emily Overton
Roger is excited to see the team winning.

Roger, a two-year-old beagle and jack Russell mix, enjoys coming to every one of the boy’s varsity tennis matches. She comes to support them through their exciting wins and their tough losses.

Roger has been a part of the boy’s tennis team for over two years.

When she is not at the tennis courts watching the boys, she enjoys taking naps in her bed or lying outside in the sun.

Roger is well-loved by the team, the boys burst with joy when they see that she has arrived.

David Higby, a varsity senior playing number four doubles states that Roger is a true inspiration to him: “Knowing that Roger is here when I get off the court is inspiration itself to win every aspect of the game. She inspires me both on and off the court.”

Roger likes to sit on the sidewalk and watch the boys play their games. She motivates them to play their hardest even when it gets hard to keep going.

When players are on changeovers, regardless if they are winning or losing, Roger enjoys going over to them to put a smile on their faces.

Varsity Coach John Sheets, adds that she believes in the boys even when they are not doing their best: “She inspires us to play better. She is a true believer in Warrior tennis.”

It is sad to say that this will be her last year supporting them on the courts. She hopes that the tennis team will never forget her constant support.

Roger intensely watches her #1 Warrior Reid dominate the court. (Elsie Philabaum)


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