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7 Questions With…Dancer Sidney Robinson

Nicole Dong
Sidney Robinson is front and center for the homecoming pep assembly performance.

Senior Sidney Robinson has been a Woodhaven varsity dance team member since her sophomore year. She is currently the only senior on the team. Robinson speaks about that fabulous homecoming routine, the non-competitive season, team preparation for events, and the annual dance clinic.

How did the dance team prepare for the homecoming pep assembly?

“After we learn choreography the week before the assembly we run through the dance making sure everyone knows what they’re doing making sure we can give a good performance with facials, good spacing, and clean formation changes.”

How do you feel about performing for the last time at a homecoming pep assembly?

“I am excited to just show everyone the dance because we worked hard but I’m nervous because it is my last year and I want it to go well.”

What do you think your fall dance clinic means to the children downriver?

“I think it is a good way for girls to get acquainted with dance. It’s also a good way for them to make friends and become more social, increasing their interaction with their peers while teaching them to break out of their shells.” 

What should people expect when registering for the Fall dance clinic?

“The kids get a lot of dance experience out of this. They are going to learn the basics of dance. This is a great way to start as a dancer or continue to grow your skill.”

In comparison to last year, what is WHSDT doing differently to prepare for the upcoming competitive season?

”We are starting things way earlier, working with routines to try and clean them to practice the most perfect way we can, harder camps in the summer, and we have already improved so much and we only will continue to improve throughout the competitive season.”

As the only senior on varsity, what are some challenges you have faced in preparing for the upcoming season?

“Getting everyone to stay on track at practice and help the focus of the group and what we’re doing and dancing. I think every team struggles with that at times though. The co-captains are a big help in leading the team but everyone on the team steps up when it is time to focus in.”

What are you most excited about this upcoming comp season?

“I am extremely excited for our jazz routine because I’ve been on the team for a long time and looking at the growth of our team has me excited for how it will turn out.”

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