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Varsity soccer comeback highlights team potential

Peyton Janice

The Woodhaven boys varsity soccer team leaves Allen Park victorious, with a 4 to 1 win. 

Going into the game, both teams had many opportunities, with Allen Park taking one to grab the lead for the first half. The Warriors were let down with this rough start, but with the team coming together at halftime and a fresh start with the second half, they knew to persevere.

The intensity was heightened, and so was the motivation Warriors had to tarnish the Allen Park lead. 

After only minutes into the second half, star player Nolan Smith tied the game with an amazing goal, foreshadowing how the rest of the game would go. 

Smith comments, “After my first goal to bring us tied after a tough first half, I had no doubt that we would end up winning the game. We were dominating, moving the ball well, and creating many opportunities.” 

Smith’s first goal set the Warriors off, creating more and more chances around the net following that goal as Allen Park kept their fight up with their lead no longer, but their fight just wasn’t enough. 

Only minutes later 2 more goals were scored by Smith once again, ending up with him leaving the game with a hat trick on his plate. These goals were a sight to see, as they were scored back to back with only a minute separating them.

Spirits were high as the Woodhaven Warriors got in their groove of the game, with another goal securing their win by Defensive player Ricardo Chapa. 

Although the Warriors were met with a rough first half, their second half was a game worth watching. “The second half was just a glimpse at what this team is capable of,” says Smith.

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