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Hozier brings layered musical experience to Freedom Hill

Hozier is an Irish musician, and singer/songwriter, who primarily makes folk and soul tunes for his listeners. He played an array of songs from older and newer albums including my favorite, From Eden. 

The instrumentation in this piece, consisting of cellos, violins, guitars, pianos, and more than a handful of vocalists, melted together in such a way that left me in awe. 

Opening with De Selby, Eat your Young, and Jackie and Wilson had fans on their feet as they sang their hearts out. The concert was a mix of older and newer songs, mostly off of the album Wasteland, Baby! and Unreal Unearth. 

During the slower pieces, the only light visible was the warm beam upon his body and guitar, creating an intimate and magical atmosphere while his voice streamed through the speakers. As the songs progressed through the night, fans sang louder and louder, some with tears in their eyes. 

His presence was overwhelming in the best way possible, as he showered the crowd in compliments and love. After every piece he would say “Thank you so much!” in such a warm and calm tone, making his humbleness quite obvious. He swayed with the music when he sang and lit up the stage when he spoke of his hometown in Ireland. 

The performance itself exceeded all expectations I had with flying colors and made my love for this artist and his music stronger. The lighting, the acoustics, and even the atmosphere, consisting of people filled to the brim and beaming with happiness, just made the experience that much more enjoyable. 

Overall, this concert was one to remember and one of my favorites. I highly recommend seeing Hozier in concert. 

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