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 Woodhaven marching band continues amazing performance this fall

Bradley Faryniarz
The marching band takes the field for their performance at Belleville.

The band marches towards a new season of exciting throwback music for this year’s halftime performance. 

This year’s 90’s show hits the field with a spectacular showing. Their songs include: Smells Like Team Spirit, Even Flow, Creep, Ants Marching, Pretty Fly for a White Guy, and All the Small Things. This show allows parents to rekindle the glory days they once experienced.

This tight-knit community has a proud tradition of musical achievement. They have consistently raised the bar for excellence, both in terms of musicianship and showmanship.

Songs like Fight Song and Alma Mater are a reminder of the rich history the band is proud to be a part of and, therefore, honoring its music style and boldness.

This season brings along new students ready to share their love for music. Their journey to achieving greatness is one filled with hard work, talent, and a strong sense of camaraderie. Mr. Faryniarz, the band director, prepares them for this year’s theme during band camp.

In this year’s band camp, rehearsals become the heartbeat of the band’s journey. They are not just about playing music but also refining formations, perfecting marching techniques, and syncing every movement with the music. Band members spend countless hours perfecting their craft, often practicing after school and on weekends. One of the band members expresses her experience during band camp.

“I love band camp. The fundamentals and organized rehearsals helped me perform at my best,” says senior Logan Drummond

The marching band is more than just a group of talented individuals; it’s a family. Band members forge strong bonds, relying on one another to create a seamless performance.

Their preparation, focus and dedication puts them above and beyond expectations as they perform at the Belleville event, with many other bands aiming to be the best.

Although many students thought their performance needed more attention to detail after just performing, their recording showed excellent showmanship and complex euphonious feats.

With each performance, they continue to raise the bar and showcase the magic that can be created when talent and dedication come together on the field.

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