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Miguel Cabrera bids farewell

Miguel Cabrera, Tigers at Orioles 5/12/14

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit legend, retires after 21 seasons. Cabrera made his MLB debut in 2003, with the Miami Marlins, where he stayed for five years. In 2008, Cabrera was traded to the Detroit Tigers, where he became an icon in baseball for the next 16 years. Cabrera started to become very popular in the city of Detroit. 

Cabrera was bringing in lots of new fans to Tigers games as Cabrera was an easily likable player and an even better athlete. Cabrera won MVP (Most Valuable Player) in 2012 and 2013, winning back to back. In Cabrera’s 2012 season, he won the Triple Crown, which is one of the rarest awards in all of sports. The Triple Crown is won by leading the league in home runs, batting average, and runs batted in, during one season.

During this historic season, Cabrera helped the Tigers make it to the World Series. Cabrera was given the nickname “Miggy” by Detroit fans, becoming one of the most loved faces in the city of Detroit. Cabrera continued his talent in Detroit through the next several years, setting multiple milestones. Through Cabrera’s career, he obtained a .306 batting average, 3174 hits (16th most in MLB history), 511 home runs (25th all-time), and 1881 runs batted in. 

It’s safe to say Cabrera earned himself a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cabrera’s last game was played on October 1, at Comerica Park in Detroit. It was a sold-out stadium to see Cabrera’s last game. At the end of the game, Cabrera was given a standing ovation by everyone in the stadium. After the game Cabrera stated, “Thank you to the city of Detroit, the Tigers organization, my teammates”. Cabrera also said, “I am sorry, there was a lot of pressure. It was the hardest game I’ve ever played in my career… I am going to miss you guys. I am going to miss this game.” Its safe to say, Miguel Cabrera will be missed in the city of Detroit.

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