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Senior spotlight on varsity cheer

Senior varsity sideline cheerleaders, Destiny Warren, Josephine Crapanzano, and Grace Usher stand out with their performances on Friday nights. 


Senior Destiny Warren

Destiny Warren, a three-year sideline cheerleader, shares her most memorable moments and lists reasons why the team has been successful. 

Warren performs as a base, providing stability to her stunt. This is what also creates a successful team. “When you do well and are recognized for it you will continue to do better.” She uses her strength to create the structure the team needs and further their ability to perform. 

Throughout her many seasons, Warren has gotten close with many teammates and made memories that will last a lifetime. “One away game my junior year on the bus ride home we were doing the Woo Tang dance and having so much fun. That is something that will always stay with me.” Throughout her journey on her team, Destiny looked to her support system.

Warren’s personal cheerleaders are her parents, who have supported her growth and success from the sidelines. “They have always been there for me and showed me how to advance amid adversity.” Having a great support system has guided her in the right direction. 




Pina Crapanzano takes a break from cheering during the homecoming game to be crowned Homecoming Queen.

Josephine Crapanzano, a four-year sideline cheerleader, shares the characteristics of a successful cheerleader, and goals in her cheerleading career. 

Josephine, better known as Pina, is known for her punctuality and school pride. When asked, she said the three characteristics of a good cheerleader are “Having good sportsmanship, a positive attitude, and being a good leader.” 

Crapanzano’s focus for the 2023-2024 year is taking home the district title, “My main goal is to win districts, I’ve always wanted that since my first year, and now that it’s my last, my feeling to win has grown so much.” She demonstrates Warrior strength through her drive to win. 

One of her inspirations is alumni Brooke Sadlowski, “When I was a freshman she made sure to include me in everything, and raised me to be the cheerleader I am today.” Brooke inspired Pina and allowed her to flourish into the cheerleader she is now. 





Grace Usher, a four-year sideline cheerleader, shares her support system throughout her high school career.

Usher supports her stunt as a backspot, and her mom has supported her throughout her career. When describing her mom, “She is an amazing woman and is always so kindhearted and hard-working and gives 100% in everything she does.” 

A multi-sport athlete, Usher plans to attend Grand Valley State University for softball.

Usher enjoys promoting school spirit. She finds joy in watching other students cheer on, “seeing the student section get excited while we are cheering. It is so much fun seeing them do the cheers with us and getting into them.” 


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