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Warrior dance team mentors new generation of dancers


A new wave of young dancers commanded the floor with enthusiastic moves, displaying a powerhouse filled with potential. 

The Woodhaven danced team hosted a dance clinic at Erving Elementary, on October 3rd and 5th that kindergarteners through 7th grade could attend. They performed with the utmost spirit as they practiced and presented their Barbie-themed dance at the football game on the 6th.

The dance clinic was managed by the dance team who were ecstatic to be role models for such emerging kids.

Aubrey Anderson, one of the dance team members claimed, “I remember being like that little one, like looking up to older dancers who were around me when I was learning. So I feel like it makes me proud to see like the other little kids like just looking up to me now.”

The clinic began warming up the students to a classic game of Duck Duck Goose, which gets the blood pumping while encouraging team building.

Quincey Robinson suggested, “I feel like it makes it everyone more comfortable with each other because a lot of the time they don’t know each other.”

After the game, the students engaged in a deep stretch routine ensuring that everyone was stretched out for the frequent movement.

Robinson also remarked, “It’s very important because it warms up your muscles and it helps prevent injuries, so if you don’t stretch it actually makes you more injury prone.”

The dance team and the kids seized a great opportunity to interact and get to know each other as the kids separated and got their pink pom poms.

Sydney Robinson elaborated, “Sometimes it’s their first time going to a dance camp and sometimes they just come back because we’ve had some part-time and because like we set a good example for them and they see us dance and like we are kind of really friendly.”

To review, a Simon Says game had everyone applying their brains to the basic dance moves, and as role models, the dance team got to demonstrate what every move was.

Quincey Robinson explains, “We get an audience and they can watch us and it’s also just cool that the kids can grow up and like be on the dance team if they wanted to and have that outlet.”

The dance clinic would only be complete with learning a new routine. The dance team enthusiastically demonstrated the prepped routine for the kids, following their solo moves and inspiring the young dancers.

Sidney Robinson wrapped up by claiming that her favorite part of the clinic was,” It’s probably like seeing all this coming together because like being with the kids, like from practice is really great because a lot of times they tell you like, ohh, I’m so nervous. Like I’ve never performed before, and so when they get out on the field and they like to give this good performance, you can tell how excited they are and how happy they are and you can see automation.”

The dance clinic was held to inspire many youths to join the world of dance, thus embracing the possibilities and confidence that many kids didn’t know they needed.


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