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An invitation to join FCCLA from an enthusiastic member

Khamilah Craig

Looking for a club that helps you connect with people and make new friends?
Exploring FCCLA may be just for you. The unique journey of personal growth, leadership, and community connection That FCCLA offers is truly transformative and empowering.
During the first meeting, Mrs. Frost, our Advisor, discussed the meaning and importance of FCCLA (Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America).
As an enthusiastic member of FCCLA, I’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of being a part of this empowering community.
During my time in the club, I’ve gained some new friendships and found an environment that encourages my ambitions. I believe other students could reap the same benefits. From making doggy biscuits for the animal shelter to helping elementary students make pizza rolls, it’s all been a remarkable experience.
We’ve tackled real-world issues making a difference in our town and our advisor being the heart of our team the accomplishments made are memorable.
But what makes this club truly special is the community work. Later this month Mrs.Frost volunteered with our club to collaborate with SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) with the Haunted Halls and Trunk or Treat event they are hosting on October 18th.
Mrs. Frost has also stated other activities she is planning, like Family game night, Bunco, a peanut butter and jelly drive, and she considering having students create mats for the homeless using “plarn.”
“I anticipate this year we will do plarning (make plastic yarn) that we crochet into mats for the homeless.”
Frost is also open to other suggestions. If you are interested in FCCLA stop by Mrs. Frost’s room in B hall 106. The next meeting is to be determined in the Google Classroom.

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