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JV volleyball dominates the Downriver League

Jayla Martin

Junior Varsity Volleyball ends the season placing third after Allen Park and Trenton. These girls did not back down without a fight and pushed themselves, along with their opponents, each set.

JV volleyball traveled to many different places during the season, including Skyline and Bedford for many nail-biting matches. One of the most memorable events in the season was the News Herald Tournament. The team fought their way to the finals against the Huron Chiefs. They took second place, but making it to the finals in the Downriver League tournament was huge for them. 

One of the things that made the team most successful was healthy bonds. JV was made up of freshman and sophomores, meaning many of them played together for the first time. Communication is a huge aspect of making good teams, especially on the court. Sophomore Presley Agnew said, “The team relationships were pretty good, and we all worked together as a team. The way I helped to keep a good team atmosphere was by seeing the good in my teammates and hyping them up.”

Emma Loger
  • Another crucial skill the players improved upon during the 2023 season was communication and dedication. Sophomore Ellie Greer explained, “We all talked more and improved our teamwork throughout the season.” These skills fostered more victories against teams like Carlson, Lincoln Park, and Edsel Ford. 

These girls proved their hard work and dedication at the end of their season during an intense match against Trenton. This was not an easy game for all levels, but the girls pushed to three sets taking a huge win for Woodhaven volleyball. The Warriors won the game by two points and fought hard on the court. When the time came for the Warriors to face the Trojans again, they fell short by a few points which allowed Trenton to advance in the league finals against Allen Park.

Emma Loger
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