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Student Council focuses on boosting involvement at Downriver League conference

Woodhaven student council attended the Downriver League Conference at Lincoln Park High School to focus on the best ways to increase student interaction. They made plans for school dances, fundraisers, spirit weeks, and everything else to get the students involved and excited for all the different events in the year.

This meeting allowed student leaders to connect, become better people, and bring better things to their home schools. 

Woodhaven representative Analiese Clinton believes the meeting went well, as every school shared ideas and got ideas to bring back to their home schools.

One key accomplishment from the meeting was making a calendar for the year. Goals for the student council moving forward include getting the most participation out of students and making everyone feel comfortable being involved. Official plans are in progress as the student council is energized and working together to make things happen.

Senior representative Destiny Warren thinks that even though we’re competitors in sports, it’s good to see what other schools Downriver are doing. She most liked the icebreaker games with other schools and groups with others from different schools. Warren says of the experience, “This meeting was a good opportunity, and we grew a lot from it and connected more with each other.”

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