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December for DECA


DECA attended many events throughout the Woodhaven Brownstown School District to display their pop-up shop. This shows off different products from the Warrior Trade to various locations where DECA members can help promote the business. The goal of doing this is to consider the holiday season on the business aspect; the Warrior Trade is expected to make a greater profit during the busy seasons, and the way to take advantage of this is by displaying the shop in many different locations.

One example was when the pop-up shop traveled to Brownstown Middle School. This allowed students to purchase school spirit items that are not always available at their school. The goal of traveling to different locations is to promote and sell the products to all aspects of the target market.

The Warrior Trade hosts a pop-up shop at a football game (Lisa Meyer)

The items from the Warrior Trade can also make great Christmas gifts for family and friends; this makes it more convenient for middle school students because they cannot drive to get them. Woodhaven hoodies attract the most attention– leaving DECA with only a two-day supply before selling out.

DECA and school store members will also work the Warrior trade during the extended hours on December 19th and 21st. 

Another way DECA members got involved was by traveling to Erving Elementary on December 6th to teach 3rd-grade students about financial literacy and how to manage finances. These students were given a short lesson about efficient ways to save money for an item of their choice. The students filled out a sheet of paper– writing down the name of an item, its price, and a visual representation. 

Then, the students collaborated with DECA staff to discuss saving methods to obtain said items. The students then created a savings bank out of a pringle can to make a way for them to save money for future use.

DECA aims to improve students’ financial literacy at a young age with a variety of activities, as mentioned above. It is never too early to inform students on how and why they should save money to help them later in their lives.

Logan Menge helps Mrs. Regan’s class during financial literacy day (Ashlyn Koester)

In addition, DECA helped the community by assisting students while they look for gifts or helping them find something within their budget. DECA worked the Secret Santa shops at Gudith Elementary from December 11th to 15th. This not only helps the school by giving volunteers, but it also allows young students to talk and work with high school students; this also helps them by carrying on the idea of financial literacy among more students. 

Madalyn Ferrera, a Senior member says, “I am excited to help with the Secret Santa because it benefits the community by giving kids an opportunity to get something for their family members and also helps them prepare for the future.” The kids had a great experience being around high school students, and this will be something that will be attended in future years. 

The next big thing for DECA will be organizing and running the annual Unified vs. Woodhaven Police Department basketball game. This event will take place on December 20th from 5-7 pm, and officers from the police department come to Woodhaven High School to participate in a game of basketball against the Unified athletes. DECA participated in this by helping set up, making posters for the athletes, and even dressing up as Santa and his elves for the guests. 

Maggie O’Such, a Unified partner states, “It was great to see them enjoy themselves. It’s always eye-opening to make a difference in the community and see a different point of view.” Showing up and supporting these athletes truly makes a difference in the Warrior community.

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