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Get cozy with a good book over break


Over the holiday break, people tend to have a lot more time on their hands, and a good way to fill that gap is by reading a good book.

 Some of the books that are included in this article are easy reads that will only take a fraction of your time, and others will leave you with many different questions after finishing the book.

Verity, a romantic thriller/suspense novel by Colleen Hoover, is about an up-and-coming author, Lowen Ashleigh, who gets hired by Jeremy Crawford. He hires her in the hopes of having her finish his wife’s book series, as Verity is incapable because of a bad accident that she was involved in. As Lowen begins to dig deeper into Verity’s manuscripts, she discovers some dark secrets that could ultimately destroy the Crawford family. After personally reading this book, I would rate it four out of five. I loved so many different aspects of this book. I read it in one sitting, and it left me with many questions and a lot of anger at the same time. One downside to this book is that it is sort of slow at some points throughout the story, but needless to say, that did not stop me from reading it. This book is still a must-read if you are looking to get back into reading and your type of interests include suspenseful and thrilling books.


Layla is a mix of romance, thriller, suspense, and paranormal fiction written by Colleen Hoover as well. Leeds, the protagonist and the leader of a band meets a woman named Layla at one of his performances. They have a romantic encounter, and after that moment, they believe that they will be spending the rest of their lives together. Without their knowledge, an unexpected attack was brought upon Layla, which left her in the hospital fighting for her life. After this attack, Layla’s behavior took a drastic turn for the worse. I have no other words for this book except the fact that it entirely blew my mind. There were so many different twists and turns that I was not expecting to come. This book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for something that will keep you on your toes and have you questioning yourself along the way. I encourage everyone to read this book, especially those who have never tried reading this type of genre before. With that being said, I would rate this book four out of five.

The Housemaid, written by Frieda McFadden, is a mixture of different genres, which include suspense, thriller, psychological, and even domestic fiction. This book is about a woman in her twenties, Millie Calloway, who is trying to find a new job as a housemaid but has a barrier in her way; she has spent the last ten years in prison. Nina Winchester, a rich woman, takes a chance and hires her, but little does Millie know that Nina has a mental health condition that affects her mood, and it takes a toll on Millie for the worse. This book is as crazy as a book can get, it has so many different twists and turns. One downside to this book is that some of the twists and turns in the book are predictable, but that did not stop me from reading it. This is a quick, snappy, and easy-to-read book that anyone most certainly would enjoy reading. With that being said, I recommend reading this book and would rate it a five out of five.


Archer’s Voice, written by Mia Sheridan, is a contemporary romance. This book is about a woman named Bree Prescott who moves to a little town in Maine called Pelion to try and forget about her past and have a fresh start. When she moves there, she meets Archer Hale, who is someone who isolates himself from the outside world and whom no one knows. Through their interactions together, Archer helps Bree get over her past, and Bree helps Archer discover his voice. This book is amazing, and I loved reading every bit of it. I did not experience any issues getting into the book; in fact, I read it in one day. The pacing was nice, although there were some slower moments throughout it, but that did not stop me from reading on. Nothing that I ever say will do this book justice. After reading this book, I decided to rate it one of my few five out of five.


Overall, no matter what type of book you enjoy reading, whether it be romance, thriller, or dystopian, these few books tie into all sorts of genres that you are bound to love. So over break, consider adding these to your must-read list.

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