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HOSA at Bates Elementary: Filling one Bucket at a time

While reading the story students were given the opportunity to ask questions on mental health.

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) prepares its members for leadership roles in the global healthcare community. 

HOSA’s core goals are promoting physical, mental, and social well-being, developing leadership qualities, and enhancing the ability to communicate effectively.

HOSA’s plan is to effectively promote physical and mental well-being. They do this by outreaching to younger children and teaching lessons on mental health.

HOSA is planning to expand its outreach, “This topic is something that needs to be considered on a widespread scale,” says White.

Members Amir Amine, Ameris Musselman, Sophia White, and Shyla Satterfield visited Bates Elementary to teach the second graders the importance of mental health.

When describing their goals, Musselman says, “It’s good to spread awareness and to inform more people on how to deal with mental health or how to help people who struggle with it” 

Students were introduced to the concept of “filling people’s buckets” through Carol McCloud’s story, “Have you filled someone’s bucket today?”  

Bates third graders learned the importance of physical and mental well-being after reading Carol McCloud’s story, “Have you filled someone’s bucket today?”  

The initiative was not about filling buckets but creating a culture where students learn the importance of uplifting others. Satterfield said, “Our goal was to make sure they felt heard, and by uplifting them and recognizing everyone’s feelings”

After reading the story and going through the slideshow, students colored a picture of a bucket. White says, “The kids loved the activities we prepared for them and I do believe it is what helped keep them engaged during the discussion.” 

Each student was given a gift bag with a toothbrush, fidget toys, dental floss, sugar-free gum, and chapstick. These items serve a practical purpose and symbolize the tangible acts of care and consideration HOSA encourages. 

These early lessons shape the leaders in the global healthcare community who will excel professionally but also embody the values of empathy and kindness. 

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