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Non-obvious college essentials guide


Many graduating seniors who plan on attending college will forget essentials that differ from the obvious necessities.

Add these unspecific items to your shopping list to think outside the box for college necessities and to get a jump-start on college shopping.

Asleep Woman wearing Eye Mask · Free Stock Photo
By Polina Kovaleva

Eye sleeping mask. This eye sleeping mask from brooklinen is on the fancier side for an eye sleeping mask at a price of $28, but its silky softness will let you fall asleep peacefully. You will need to bring blankets, pillows, bedding, and a mattress pad to make your bed comfortable, but an eye sleeping mask will let you get the best sleep possible in your dorm. Sleeping masks cover your eyes to block out any light disturbances, and the soft attire is a simple solution to a room that is not in complete darkness.


JBL Charge 5 Wi-Fi Review | Trusted Reviews
By Kob Monney

Speaker. Though on the pricier side, this JBL Charge 5 Speaker is a best-seller for having wireless bluetooth streaming, a built-in powerbank, and is currently on sale for $130. You will of course bring all your technologies: AirPods, headphones, a laptop, a TV, extension cords, chargers, and cables. A speaker is a way in which you can listen to music or podcasts when you want them to play throughout a whole room. Additionally, when partaking in college activities like practicing sports, a beach day, or a group hangout, a speaker lets you play tunes for everyone around.

My New Shower Shoes at Work | Derek Morrison | Flickr
By Derek Morrison

Shower shoes. Thes shower shoes from Showaflops come in many different color options and are priced at $24.You will still need other bathroom necessities: shampoo, body wash, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a shower caddy, Q-tips, skincare. Shower shoes are a solution to the fear, though, of outdated dorm bathrooms or your college’s dirty communal bathroom as they prevent your toes from touching the wet, bacteria-filled floor. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp, people should always wear shower shoes whenever using public shower spaces because they “provide a physical barrier between your skin and your external environment, and this added layer of protection may prevent infectious agents that cause skin diseases,” (Flores, 2023).

File:Laundry Basket.png - Wikimedia Commons
By Wikimedia Commons

Laundry hamper. The hampers from Seville Classics is made from handwoven 100% natural water hyacinth material that is decomposable and sustainable, but it comes in at $50 with free shipping. Your dorm may not come with certain furniture items: a desk, dresser, tables, chairs, couch, storage spaces. Nonetheless, a laundry hamper is a furniture necessity. Some young adults tend to turn the open spaces on their bedroom floors into small mountains of clothes, but a hamper is sure to keep your dorm floor clean by holding all your dirty clothes in one area until you have the time to do laundry. 

Decorative lighting. Your room is their sanctuary, safe space, and should be uniquely yours. Buy room decor that

Purple Led Lights Illuminating Living Room · Free Stock Photo
By Almira

expresses yourself: posters, plants, desk supplies, rugs, vinyls, or framed pictures. A crucial item for setting the tone of your dorm is decorative lighting. A fun option is LED light strips, which are popular among teens due to their vibrant range of colors. Another option is Christmas lights, which let you experience warm lighting throughout every month of the year. A third option is lamps, which are a more basic form of light fixtures. Whatever lighting you choose is likely to determine the mood and aura of your space, so choose lights that will best fit your dorm.

All the essentials you will need for college are hard to remember, but remembering to bring these specific items will make surviving college easier.

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