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Airplane Tickets Start to Decline

Airplane Tickets Start to Decline

Spring Break is coming up, and more traveling is happening now than in the past 2 years. As the prices of airline tickets are finally starting to decrease, people are starting to pick up traveling more. According to the US. Inflation Calc, in 2022, prices skyrocketed 30.2%. As time goes by through 2023, the prices have already decreased and are down 13.2-4%. 

Prices for domestic flights were averaging about $264.63 and are now recorded in November at about $255.48 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although these prices are not a massive decrease, it is a sign that prices are decreasing more and more. 

A student survey of 70 people shows that 91.3% travel by plane. That means that only 8.7%, or 6 people, do not. As tickets skyrocketed in 2022, only a few people have been purchasing tickets. A student states, “We decided to drive more to travel because of the increase of prices.”

Airline flight prices have increased due to more people wanting to get out and travel after the COVID-19 lockdown. The demand for tickets went up, and the price of jet fuel increased by 150% in the last year. Many students have responded that the location of their vacation has to be switched because every purchase for a vacation is more costly. Not only were airline tickets affected by this inflation, but also car rentals by 33.1%, food away by 25.1%, hotels by 13.3%, and concert tickets by 15.9%.

Students throughout high school are being affected by these airline prices. As people are trying to purchase tickets for spring break, now is the time to start buying them. The recorded national purchase time is between 1 to 3 months for domestic and 2 to 8 months for international flights. 

The only way to get a cheaper ticket is to book and save in advance. A student states, “People came to the realization that they should’ve started saving a year ago for it instead of the year of.” People then wait to book these flights knowing they do not have the money, which then causes them to run into financial issues such as debt and loans. 

With students looking forward to a fun spring break trip, now is the time to start planning. Looking far beyond Florida, there are many trips within the United States that you can fly roundtrip for lower prices than you would have found a year ago. Go start looking and enjoy the vacation!

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