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Vegetarian-friendly holiday favorites


As a vegetarian, I know how it can be difficult during the holidays to find things, other than sides to eat since most meals during the holidays contain meat. We miss the warm heavy foods that fill us with the holiday joy, which is only given through the meat-based meals. So here are some hearty, delicious vegetarian meals that will still give you that needed warmth and comfort during the holidays.  

Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie

This delicious vegan mushroom pot pie is filled to the brim with savory gravy, mushrooms, peas, onions, carrots and celery, topped with a flaky crust. The star of the dish, fresh crimini and dried shiitake mushrooms, is a delicious substitute for meat. This pie is not just for vegetarians or vegans either, the hearty filling and mushrooms will have you feeling filled and nourished, no matter your preferred diet. 

The Best Vegan Meatloaf – Nora Cooks 

This classic Vegan Meatloaf is promised to not be soggy, unlike many other meat-free versions of this recipe. Most bases used range between tofu, lentils and more, but they give for a soggy meat substitute. The secret ingredient in this recipe is chickpeas. Chickpeas make for a beautiful and delicious meat substitute. Other than the perfect base of this dish, it is hearty, smoky, fiber-rich, and best of all, affordable!

Classic Green Bean Casserole – Spend With Pennies

Although it’s a pretty basic holiday dish, it is an absolute staple and always a favorite. This tender green bean bake only needs five minutes of prep time then into the oven it goes! Green Bean Casserole is the perfect holiday side for all, especially for us vegetarians. The green beans, the creaminess from the cream of mushroom, and the crunch from the fried onions to top it all off, makes for a delicious side for everyone, no matter their diet.

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie Recipe – NYT Cooking 

Shepherd’s Pie has always been a favorite of mine since my grandma started making it for my family. Not being able to eat it after I became vegetarian was incredibly difficult, so having this just as delicious version of the same meal, just with a meat substitute, had me over the moon. This meal has a base of hearty green lentils, ensuring they hold their texture and shape after a long simmer, and a rich potato topping that makes this dish. (I mean come on, who doesn’t love potatoes?)

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