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A Christian youth service near you


Daily Church is hosting a year-long service for teens to grow their faith in Jesus. They invite the community to join a group which embraces fun, excitement, and worship. The service is jam-packed with games and worship before and after the sermon. They take pride in making sure your experience is one of great remembrance. They focus on the well-being and the gratification you will receive during every service. They chase to empower the next generation of students to thrive in faith, leadership, and unity. They host thrilling events almost every month to get you closer to the family they are creating. This is a chance to grow your faith around like-minded individuals, and ground yourself with Jesus– the fun way. 

The church hosts every Sunday from 6 to 8 pm. As the church recognizes the youth’s tendency to sleep in or work on a Sunday morning, this evening service accommodates your active lifestyle, providing an environment where you can relax, connect, and engage with faith outside the rush of a morning routine. Just miles from the high school, its location is easily accessible to much of the community, as it is located (22333 King Rd Woodhaven, MI 48183). 

Additionally, they provide members with large schedules that allow for future planning, for example, this cute deck the halls event that took place in the auditorium. 

They go as far as making arrangements for events in or out of state lasting an entire week called CIY MOVE ( Through the church, they make a trip to MOVE over the summer to worship and create long-lasting memories during events inside the campus. This either takes place in Michigan or Chicago, depending on the  year. I highly recommend it as it is exclusively for high school students. This is a chance to meet new people and grow your faith like never before. It has always been the catalyst for my summer and the pivotal moment in my life where I was changed forever; having overcome countless obstacles and challenges after experiencing this event has ultimately displayed how important it was to me to continue growing with my youth group as the church was the reason my experience was so monumental at MOVE.

Daily church is a place to discover with its striking and commutative building. From its modern architecture to its lively services and exciting monthly events that spark joy and togetherness, there is something exciting happening here every time. They welcome you to grow in a space where you can build long-lasting friendships, spiritual growth, and explore your faith journey in a non-denominational Christian environment. Many of my friends now came from my youth group, and I rarely ever have a dreary moment with them. 

If interested, there are many opportunities to expand your faith and get connected through the church. To name a few, if you have a talent for singing or instrument playing, join the worship team, and enjoy greeting and meeting new people, the inclusion team is right for you, maybe your tech-savvy, then be behind the scenes on the tech crew. There are plenty of ways to dive deep into serving others with your youth peers and develop together.

Let’s say you’re troubled and not so sure about being around other people you never met; you find it hard to be social when your mental health is at an all-time low. No need to worry, they have amazing adult youth leaders who spend hours on end making sure every generation of kids that walk through the doors has someone to talk to and have the best experience possible. Their names are Shannon, Morgan, Jesse, Christian, Andrew, Stacy, Tara. They and many others are there to guide and support you in any way they can. I received bountiful amount of advice from the male leaders in a one on one conversation about topics that are personal, yet they made my experience as comfortable and  As a member who attended this church for six years, I extend a warm invitation to join us in this incredible journey of faith, growth, camaraderie, and fun in a Sunday evening crafted specifically for you. We can’t wait to see you there.

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