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Top 5 Spring Break Locations

Riviera Maya, Cancun

Cancun (staticflickr)

Cancun Riviera Maya is a mainstream travel location for activities and exploration with tours such as Xcaret Tour, Tulum & Xel-Ha Tour, Cozumel Complete Tour, Paradise Reef Snorkel, Chichen Itza Tour, Coba Tour. The family and friend rating for Riviera Maya is 7.5/10. There are many activities for the family to enjoy in an all-inclusive hotel with boat and jet ski rentals. There are also fishing tours which makes this trip a family will not forget. The Price Rating for Cancun is towards the higher end which makes it one of the most expensive travel destinations on the list, but with traveling on spring break prices are ultimately higher with a price rating of 9/10. The food in Cancun is a hit or miss with going to an all-inclusive resort; the food is typically served in larger portions which could downgrade it. When looking for a resort in this area, be sure to look for one that has multiple restaurants. Some probably won’t like what is being served at one of the restaurants, so it is important to look for variety. 


Anna Maria Island, Florida 

Anna Maria Island (staticflickr)

Anna Maria Island is a 9.5/10, diamond in the rough place with not a lot of people knowing about this travel location, with three piers, six beaches, and a feeling like you are in a different area. With everywhere you go, it becomes an unforgettable experience with three cities on a seven-mile island. WHS Senior Alex Rusnak stayed on Anna Maria Island and says, “I enjoyed the warm weather with all of the fun things to do down there along with all of the people.” The island consists of people who vary from all ages which makes it welcoming to all sorts of families and their friends. The food on the island is diverse with one being able to find any cultured food; there’s something different to eat every night. The days go by faster because there are so many fun activities to do, for example, there’s beach volleyball, jet skiing, boating, tanning, walking on the beach, etc. Many people love Florida for their nightlife which is a 9/10 and a price rating of 8/10.


4-5 Day Cruise

Cruise Ship (

Cruises are vacations you will not forget because meeting new people is a guaranteed thing with everlasting memories. There are many activities to do on cruise ships such as swimming, eating, shopping, going to events that are held on the ship, water slides, concerts, dancing events, and game night events, and most cruises have a theme for every day to keep the activities fresh and new with a family-friendly rating of 8/10 and a price rating of 7.5/10. Cruises are either hit or miss with people either loving them or hating them and with a poll that shows that most students go on 4-5 day cruises like SueAnna Satterfield: “Every cruise experience I have had has been different and left me with the best memories with my family,” The food on cruises is open to all with any kind like American, Italian, Chinese, etc, and they also include vegan meals making the food an 8.5/10.


LeChee, Utah

Utah (Dave Soldano)

Utah is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth making it a peak spring break location for families with reasonable prices for parks and other adventures of the mountainous terrain with activities such as the Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Monument Valley tour, Award Winning UTV Slot Canyon tour, Zebra Canyon and the Colorado River, etc. With endless activities, your vacation will feel everlasting with a family-friendly rating of 9.5/10. All of these parks are mainly revolved around hiking and sightseeing. The food in Utah is American with a 6/10 ranking it is not known for its food. All of the mountains and trails are what people go there for; depending on the family, it could or could not be family-friendly. Some families like to hike and have adventures, but others do not; Utah has a 6.5/10 ranking depending on the family going there. And with a price rating of 6.5/10.


Sleeping Bear Dunes, Traverse City Michigan

Dunes (amazonaws)

The Sleeping Bear Dunes is located in Traverse City, Michigan. Many people go for the experience of climbing the dunes. While it is a very hard task, the sight at the bottom is something everyone deserves to see. If people are not into walking, taking a buggy is also an option. The water is crystal clear, it is a desirable travel location. Although this might not be the most popular travel location, it doesn’t take away from the sights and activities. This is a very family-friendly place to travel to because it is close to home. Some may not be open to staying in their hometown for spring break, but this is an amazing place to go visit with a rating of 7.5/10. Another great thing about this place is that the food is no different than what any Michigander would eat. With an overall price rating of 6/10 rating.

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