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 What makes a good basketball shoe

A basketball player’s shoes are the only equipment that they have control over. Giving them the ability to potentially decide on a good or bad season. In a good basketball shoe, there are 3 major factors. These factors are traction, comfort, and lockdown/support.  These aspects are the most influential on the sneaker’s performance. This article will break down the meanings and importance of these categories of a good basketball shoe, then give an example of a sneaker that excels in that aspect. 


Traction in a basketball shoe is very important. A shoe that doesn’t have good traction will cause players to slip and slide on the court, limiting their range of motion and potentially causing injury. A shoe with good traction will grip on both clean and dusty courts with minimal slipping. An example of a pair with great traction is the Under Armour Curry Flow 11 (Curry 11 Flow)

The small grooves in the rubber of the sole make it very hard for dust to get trapped and build up, which allows minimal slippage in the shoe. The traction pattern also uses moderately firm rubber, which prevents the bottom of the sneaker from wearing out too quickly. The traction along with the grooves makes this shoe great in the traction category. 


When playing in a shoe for hours at a time, the cushioning and comfort of that shoe are very important factors. The technology in these shoes has evolved a lot over the years, with each new model featuring some new kind of cushioning. This new technology allows those wearing it to feel more comfortable in the sneaker for longer periods of time and allows the sneakers to feel bouncier, almost as if you are able to run faster and jump higher. A great example of a shoe that prioritizes comfort is the Adidas Harden Vol 7. (Harden Vol 7 )

This shoe features multiple cushion plates in the forefoot and heel areas, giving it its cloudy, comfortable feel when playing. This shoe also contains materials that are very fitting to the athlete’s foot shape which gives it a low-to-the-ground feeling which many basketball players desire in a shoe. 



Many basketball shoes are comfortable and/or have good traction, but without lockdown none of that matters. Lockdown is basically how supported your foot and ankle are in the shoe. Good lockdown prevents the ankle from rolling and gives you a full range of motion without the worry of injury. The sneaker that excels in this area is the Adidas Trae Young 2.(Adidas Trae Young 2.0)

The lacing system paired with the sock liner locks the athletes’ feet into the shoes. Although they are a little difficult to put on, they will not come off once you start playing. This sturdiness gives a great sense of support for the foot and ankle. 


Although there are more aspects of great basketball shoes, these are the most crucial to the shoe. If one of these areas is lacking the sneaker loses value in its performance. As stated at the beginning of this article, a good or bad shoe can decide an athlete’s season, so keep these aspects in mind when buying your next pair. 


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