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Fighting season develops positive mindset on hockey team

Joey Palazzolo
The team watches the game in anticipation of a goal

The boys varsity hockey team battled a challenging season with an optimistic mindset. Through their difficulties, they have solidified a stronger mentality towards the sport and their goals.

With only four seniors, the team entered the season young and inexperienced. The previous year had been senior focused, so most of the team had minimal game time.

Over the season they focused on maintaining a driven mindset. Their goal was to build a mentality that would benefit them in coming years.

“The team has improved on mental strength and being able to keep driving forward no matter what the score is,” says captain Jimmy Olbrich.

As they reach the end of their season, they set a goal to end it better than it started. While they hope to see this result in the form of statistics, it is more important that they change the culture of the team for the future years of Woodhaven hockey.

Next season the team anticipates a stronger season record, going in with eight future seniors. Their experience from this season has set a foundation for next year’s team, but the precedent of a determined mindset will stick with the team beyond one or two years.

“This year was a big learning curve for all of us. We learned that we need to come together as one and have a positive attitude in order to have success. I think our experiences from this season will help us create a better culture going forward not only into next year but also for many years to come,” says junior assistant captain Ethan Pawlowski.

The team identified smaller problems as a method of overcoming their larger challenges. One thing they noticed was their attitude towards themselves and their teammates after games, which they sought to change.

Their shift in focus made an impact on their ability to play, as they would find better results moving forward with their games. Any move that put the game in their favor was a step closer to the place they envisioned.

The season has also impacted the chemistry of the team. In search of improvement, they have decided to approach situations with a positive and respectful attitude.

Junior assistant captain Connor Gibson describes how the season has created a stronger team: “Everyone worked hard through all of the diversity on the team and have come together to make the most of the season even through the hard times and arguments in the locker room. We have learned to be positive and critic only positively”

Despite the challenging season, the team has undergone a transformation that will prepare them for years to come. They will go into their final matches of the season practicing what they have learned and enjoying the sport as a team.

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