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WOW launches feminine hygiene drive for 5th year

Mrs. G is thrilled with a collection of hygiene products
Mia Gayer
Mrs. G is thrilled with a collection of hygiene products

Women of Woodhaven kicks off Women’s History Month with their annual hygiene drive. 

While Women of Woodhaven participate in events year-round, the month of March is especially important. They advocate for women’s hygiene to help women in shelters and even stock our high school bathrooms for those who may not have access to the variety of products supplied.

WOW does many things to promote change in Woodhaven High School; the hygiene drive has been most successful in its achievements and has been an impactful drive running since 2017.

Mrs Garavaglia, better known as Mrs. G and leader of WOW, says, “Our greatest long-term accomplishment has been to have hygiene products in all women’s restrooms.”

This drive collects a variety of products such as pads, tampons, brand-new packaged underwear, contact solutions, dry shampoo, lotion, and even toothpaste. Items that can’t be used in the women’s restrooms at school are put aside to take to the women’s shelter.

Last year, the Women of Woodhaven donated the products to a women’s shelter that housed women and children who had to get away from domestic or sexual abuse. People often hold back from donating the things they have because they believe that they won’t come in use to these shelters but even little items such as bath bombs can make a childs day.

Addison Blair, a WOW club member, says, “It’s helped out so many girls and I have heard women talk about how they are not as worried about needing something and not having it.”

Being able to rely on the women’s restrooms being stocked with necessities can leave many staff and students feeling less stressed in case of emergencies.

Mrs. G says, “WOW has worked to make WHS a place where students of all genders feel seen, heard, and provided for.” 

Not only does WOW provide products to students in need, but it also provides a safe environment to be surrounded by friends and trusted adults. This club continues to reach goals and accomplish new things every year while also expanding.

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