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United Sound sneak peek

Mrs. Schott
New musicians recite their flashcards to their mentors

The first-ever United Sound was introduced on March 5th. Nine new musicians from Ms. Macinkowicz’s class started the process of learning how to play a musical instrument of their choice and were guided by students in Concert Winds. The new musicians meet with their mentors every week on Tuesday. 

The class engaged in getting-to-know-you games, assembled instruments, and made their first musical sounds. Groups contain 3 mentors and one student to teach them the ropes of getting comfortable with the instrument, reading the musical notes, and celebrating the successes of each lesson.

Chapter president and mentor Heidi Klindt expresses, “United Sound means so much to me. I love being able to see the joy on each musician’s face when they accomplish what they have been working so hard for. Being able to bring together my love of supporting people and my love of music, has allowed me to find something within that I didn’t know existed. United Sound is truly inspiring and is a great thing that WHS has begun.”

United Sound was made, because of the joy and performing music is so important. The class stands for the belief that every child should have access to authentic music education and experience. Salina Smith plays, “Clarinet because my mom used to play it so I wanted to learn how to play it.” 

The Woodhaven band helps students love music in a healthy environment, and view it from different perspectives with the inclusion of being a part of a loving and hardworking team. Damon Bailey said, “That I like how the partners help me how they teach me how to play in flute instrument I get lots of support from everyone.” 

United Sound gives new opportunities for the students that they normally wouldn’t experience and the ability to showcase talents they didn’t know they had. Students and peer mentors team up to create new experiences, build relationships, and start memories that will last a lifetime. 

The new musicians will debut their performance at the spring concert on May 23rd at 7 pm. Mark your calendar!

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