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Shredding the slopes

Jason Lustig pops up his board grabbing some air in the process.
Darrius Houston
Jason Lustig pops up his board grabbing some air in the process.

This year’s ski club gets a new look with upper and lower-classmen shredding the mountains once again.

This club is filled with amazing talents and daredevils ready for all skiers or snowboarders to come shred together as one warrior. Jason Lustig makes his favorite moments his gnarly feats, “I hit a lift pole while snowboarding, then rescued by ski patrol.” He continues to enjoy snowboarding while taking pride in his tumble down the mountain, emphasizing the mentality these members have through tribulation.

From bunny hills to terrain parks, there is a place for everyone to hone their skills, taking advantage of all that it provides in this club.

Mr. Greathead, the Superintendent of Woodhaven, has designed and organized this club to be as accessible and money-friendly as possible. Jason Lustig is ecstatic knowing that, “ I get to leave school to go have fun,” highlighting how uniquely distinct this club is.

The package that it provides offers transportation to and from ski resorts, ski lessons, a ski lift ticket, and a rental ski or snowboard. The prices are half the original going separately, as well as easily accessible and organizable for payment. Senior Heidi Klint says, “This club is important because it gives you a fun skill that isn’t exactly school-related. It allows you to travel to different hills and even lets you be a part of something that includes all grades down to 6th grade. I also think this club has a sense of belonging for anyone who wants to find something fun to do. I also really enjoy having connected conversations with the school superintendent.” Klindt agrees that this trip is a steal. Planning trips may take longer to arrange and is more costly; this way she and her friends can enjoy her trip without worrying about transportation or waiting in line for rent. This is a great chance to explore interests and take in the mountains that await. 

Mt. Holly is an impressive resort ready to help and maintain the parks. They supply maintenance for their ski or snowboard, and their attractions are a blast to ski down. Their terrain parks hold gnarly heights to flip, twist, and turn. Black Diamond slopes are a fan favorite for snow bombing and exploring their unique tracks. Beginners have plenty of spots working for them to finetune their craft and soon take on the traffic of a mountain on the other side.

This club will certainly give you a run for your money. Senior Lindsey Arntson says, “The ski club is my happy place.” She takes her experience to a level of comfort and retreat. 

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