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Swim starter kit


Many people are interested in lap swimming or competitive swimming but are unsure what equipment or brands they should purchase from. Buying swim equipment is easy as there are many different brands, but you want the ones that stand the longest. When purchasing equipment such as caps and goggles, you want to ensure they will last from all the wear and tear.

My favorite brands are Speedo and TYR because their products have lasted a very long time for me. When purchasing goggles, the best goggles are the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored. They have high-quality straps that hold up for years and are not likely to snap. The mirrored view through the goggles helps block out the bright light shown through the water. While in the water you mustn’t have to focus on the stability of the goggles. The best place to purchase these Vanquisher 2.0 mirrored Goggles on Amazon for only $22.


The next product that is a must is swim caps. The point of swim caps is to help make your body a slick image that will help you smoothly slide through the water. Most caps are made out of silicon which when used is easy to break. Many competitive swim brands make these caps, but the classic Speedo silicone cap is the best. These caps are built well with thick material and can handle more activity. The best place to purchase these Speedo Silicone Cap items is on Amazon for only $13.81.



The next product is the pull buoy and kit board. With the pull Buoy increasing the strength and build in your arms, the kick board does the same thing but for your legs. These products are cheaper to buy separately. Many schools purchase the Speedo brand pull buoys and kickboards because they are less expensive and more durable. With the thick foam and plastic pushed together, they are likely to last a lifetime. You can purchase these on Amazon with the Speedo Kickboard for only $20 and the Speedo Pull Bouy for only $13.84



The next crucial item is flippers. These are to help create the natural feel of your body speeding through the water while perfecting the form of your body. Most brands of flippers are built the same, making them the same product quality. The size of your foot sometimes may impact the price of the product, but the Sporti Essential Floating Fins are the best product for the price they are listed at. You can get the Sporti Essential Floating Fins for only $21.20 on the website Swim Outlet.

Overall, buying these reliable items will help give you a perfect starter kit for becoming a competitive lap swimmer.

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