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Woodhaven JV bowlers dominate league

Woodhaven JV bowlers dominate league

Woodhaven High School’s JV Bowling Team has been making its mark since the beginning of the season. This group of talented bowlers is led by Coach DeBacker, Labut, and Krolak. This team worked together to compete against other schools in the Downriver League, and their dedication and skill set them apart from many of the other teams.

The Woodhaven High School JV Bowling Team consists of nine members: Benjamin Lassen, Tristen Hirsch, Karter Eddolls, Franklin Finn, Matthew Jones, Aiden Weitzel, Ricardo Vallejo, Tyler Shelby, and Lukas Duby. Each player brings their strengths to the team and dominates their competition with an overall record of 11-2-1.

Karter Eddolls, one of the star bowlers, shows his impact as part of the team saying “I feel like I was a team player by always picking up my teammates, even the varsity team and making sure that everyone was performing at their best.”

His determination and support of the team show the importance of being on the team and how crucial it is for the team to have a positive mentality. 

Similarly, Tristen Hirsch highlights the importance of supporting his teammates by saying, “By being there for my teammates and encouraging the team to try harder, we ended up playing better than we imagined.”

These JV athletes are passionate, and the bowling team has shown considerable growth and potential. The coaches of the team also coaching the varsity team helps the players grow that much more by knowing the standards they will have to compete with. The dedication of the coaches of both teams reflects the coach’s belief in the future of their players, fueling motivation amongst them to become the best bowlers in the league.

The Woodhaven High School’s JV Bowling determination demonstrates their skills within every match and tournament, understanding the level of standards they have to bowl to become the best team in the Downriver League. Being guided by supportive coaches, they showcase immense promise for future success, poised to dominate the competition.

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