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The value of being active and engaged in school

Minahil Umer

Being active and engaged in school is super important because it improves learning, fosters relationships between students and teachers, develops skills, and enhances the overall school experience. Jashanpreet Khosa, a senior, stated, “It can help you get out of your comfort zone and you meet new people. You can have more opportunities to learn new things as you engage in different activities. It also gives you a chance to see what you lice or don’t lice.”

Being active impacts learning when paying full attention, asking questions, and engaging in discussions which helps grasp concepts more effectively. A senior, Mariam Ahmad says, “The more involved you are, the more probable it is that you will pick things up faster because involvement is crucial to learning.” Students can be active by participating in group activities and projects like joining different clubs and engaging in projects that different classes offer. This allows them to build relationships with teachers and classmates as well as enhance their teamwork skills. It also develops personal growth like confidence, organization, management, and responsibilities. At the same time, it teaches how to prioritize their time, how to meet deadlines, and balance commitments. 

Being social therefore fosters thoughts that affirm their talents and motivate students to take on new challenges. It also helps them become more confident and self-assured. According to Mental Health America, about 30% of high school students claimed they didn’t feel connected at all to their teachers, friends, or school community. The epidemic year and online learning have caused young people to become acclimated to interacting with peers virtually and have had a significant negative impact on social isolation as people were accustomed to doing things online from cell phones instead of interacting with others. This is the reason why a student’s capacity for socialization would be hampered if they were not involved in school. 

Several positions allow students to obtain leadership roles in school clubs. Among the various opportunities in clubs are advisor positions like club president, event coordinator, social media controller, and events management team. Students can work in the school store which provides them with experience in marketing. Getting involved tells which path they love working in and can gain the skills in that favorite path. Students who put a strong emphasis on their studies in the classroom develop a strong work ethic that drives them to obtain awards and merit scholarships. Thus, students can save money by not needing to take certain classes in college.

In conclusion, there are many advantages to being involved and active in the classroom. It can position them for success in both the classroom and in their personal life by keeping them occupied, and engaged, and providing an opportunity to socialize. 


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