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10 Questions with…senior softball catcher Maggie O’Such

Ashlyn Koester

Maggie O’Such has been playing softball competitively for 8 years. She just recently signed to play with Calvin University as a catcher. It did not come easy for her to get where she is now; this took many years and many teams to shape her into the athlete she is today. As a third year varsity athlete, she described her career, what the upcoming season will look like, and what valuable lessons softball has taught her. 

What sparked your interest in softball? 

When I was 7 my brothers played baseball, so I wanted to follow in their footsteps and play softball. The sport just kind of grew on me after I picked up the bat for the first time.

How has your history in the sport built you into the athlete you are today?

I have pushed myself and provided myself with challenges throughout the season to make myself better on and off the field.

Have you always played travel and school ball? 

My first year I played on the Woodhaven rec team but I have also played on many different travel teams. Some of my favorites were Tennessee Mojo, Dbacks Elite, and Motor City Madness.

Who helped you train throughout these years and what motivates you to do better?

My brother would feed my tee everyday to make me a better player. Along with that, I’d say my coaches played a huge role in motivating me and turning me into the athlete I am today.

How are you preparing for the senior year season?

Ariel and I have been going to the gym everyday to get back into shape. This also helps prepare my mind and body for the upcoming season. Teamwise, we are focusing on creating new bonds and making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable with this group of girls.

Is the team dynamic different this year than it has been in past seasons? If so, what are some of the largest changes?

We have a lot of the same players as last year and no freshmen are currently on the team. We have a lot of experienced people on the team that I have been able to bond with every year for the past few years. A lot of us play together on travel teams as well before which allowed me to create these strong friendships. Another thing that may create challenges for us will be having a smaller roster and we will all get more playing time during the season.

What will be some of the biggest challenges this year?

I think some of the challenges we will face will be having a strong mental game. Coming off of the state final, many people will have targets on our backs and have high expectations for us. We will have some tough competition throughout the season as we are the highest ranked.

Do you think the team will get as far as they did last year in post season games?

I believe that the more we work throughout the season, we have potential to continue to move on to the postseason. I feel like the team has the ability to stay focused and put in the work to get the progress we are hoping for.

How do you think you will feel in your last game of your senior season?

I will be sad because it will be the last time that I will be able to play with this tight group of girls, but I will also be so proud of us and all of the hard work we have all put in throughout high school. I am excited to get started with my team at Calvin after my senior season is over.

What are your future plans after high school?

I will be attending Calvin university to play softball. I am majoring in sports medicine and minoring in sports management. Along with this, I plan to create many relationships with my teammates and work hard during my freshman season in my first college level play.

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