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A guide to building your own boba

Rami Ashkar
Blue Hawaiian lemonade

Bubble tea can be a very broad topic that can confuse many people when it comes to ordering a drink they will enjoy. At Z’s Bubble Tea, the combinations of drinks that can be made are almost limitless. 

Almost anyone can enjoy bubble tea because of how customizable it is; it can be made to fit whatever taste someone is craving. However, the menu can confuse and discourage people due to the large variety of drinks and toppings. Breaking the menu down and describing drinks’ characteristics and how they are made can help make customers feel more confident in what they order or want to drink.

These drinks are often referred to as “boba”, but boba is the term for the bubbles at the bottom of the drink. Bubble tea or boba tea is technically the correct name for these extraordinary beverages. Boba can be described in three different ways at Z’s.

Tapioca is a very deep brown color and fits the shape of a little pearl. It has a very chewy texture and is flavored with honey and sugar; this boba is the perfect go-to for any drink when feeling indecisive.

Popping boba is the same size and shape as tapioca but is very delicate and pops its flavor in your mouth. Popping boba fits best with more fruity flavored drinks. It comes in many different flavors like mango, strawberry, passionfruit, pomegranate, blueberry, and rainbow. 

Jellies are very underrated and go well with fruity drinks as well. These small rectangles come in a variety of flavors like lychee, mango, rainbow, and green apple. Jellies are regularly described as soft gummies.

The most frequently ordered drinks are fruit or milk teas. Fruit teas have more of a refreshing taste or can be compared to a type of fruit juice. Milk teas, which are made with a non-dairy creamer, have more of a creamy texture.

These drinks can come over ice or blended. Blended drinks are not made with tea and have more of a slushy or smoothie consistency. If you get a fruit or milk tea over ice, you can choose from either green or black tea. Green tea has a minimal tea taste and is generally what people choose when they want to taste more of the flavor of the drink. Black tea has a stronger tea taste and covers more of the flavor that is added to the drink.

While building your drink, you can choose up to two flavors to add, customize your sugar levels, and choose your ice level.

Fruit tea flavors at Z’s include strawberry, mango, peach, passionfruit, lychee, lemon, green apple, blueberry, and honey. Popular flavor combinations are strawberry-passionfruit and even peach-mango.

There are many more potential drink combinations for milk teas because of the vast amount of flavors. Some examples are taro, banana, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, lavender, honeydew, brown sugar, and even watermelon.

If building your drink still seems unachievable, there are other options from the specialty menu with very self-explanatory titles like the blue hawaiian lemonade or Z’s oreo boba. If one is still looking for inspiration, the staff favorites board is loaded with recommendations. 

Choosing a drink can be difficult but with a step by step process, this stress can be alleviated.

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