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The different experiences of foreign exchange students (FES)


The life of foreign exchange students can be either the most difficult or the best time of their lives. 

In Woodhaven High School, there are a handful of students that have had the opportunity to pursue education in a country other than their home country.

Fortunately, not all students struggle because they may already know some English, however it may be just the basics. 

Most struggle with the language barrier in school more than at home, but there are also students who understand English well enough to not have any problems.

Sophomore FES Juan Moreno states, “Back in Colombia we did differently. We stayed in one classroom all day and the teachers would move to each class. I have been here before so I do not struggle that much but my friends who doesn’t speak English at all, they struggle. One of my best memories is my first homecoming because in Colombia we were not allowed until 11th grade but homecoming was like a new experience to me.”

Everyone pursues education in different ways, but there are many challenges that come with pursuing education in a country where your first language is not everyone else’s. The students that choose to be a foreign exchange student make the sacrifice of being away from their loved ones.

Senior FES Pamela Escobar states, “The facilities and opportunities that each teacher gives you and their advice are very good. For me it is difficult because my English is not so good to adapt to a new environment to new people and because being surrounded by a language that you do not know is difficult. I think the best experience has been meeting new people. I think there are many people with diverse cultures that I have learned a lot from.”

The foreign exchange student program has helped many people all over the world achieve their dreams and gain experiences of a lifetime. It opens up friendships and gives people opportunities to view life from different perspectives. The program specifically benefits WHS students to be exposed to people from all cultures and backgrounds and adds to the already diverse student population.

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