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Movie review: Pitch Perfect continues to entertain


If you love movies and music, I have the perfect set of movies for you. Pitch Perfect is a trilogy that goes through the lives of college students, and how they find love and friendships throughout their time in an acapella group called the Barden Bellas. The genres of these movies are romance, comedy, and musical, and they are all rated PG-13.

Pitch Perfect 1 was released in 2012 with an IMDb rating of 7.1/10. Rotten Tomatoes rated the Tomatometer with a score of 82% and the audience score of 83%. They had a $17 million budget and made a total gross profit of $115.4 million from the box office.

This movie takes place at Barden University where an incoming freshman, Beca, wants to pursue her dream of being a music producer. Although her father, a college professor, wants her to finish college instead of branching out into the unknown.

Beca goes to the activities fair where she meets Fat Amy and is introduced to an acapella group called the Barden Bellas, where Chloe and Aubrey, the group leaders, attempt to get her to try out, but she denies it and says she can’t sing. Later that night while in the shower, Chloe overhears Beca singing and urges her to try out for the Barden Bellas again. 

At auditions, Beca sings “When I’m Gone”, which surprises Chloe, but Aubrey is still unsure about Beca because she thinks that she has an alternative style. Ten girls ended up getting into the group, some of whom were Beca, Fat Amy, Cynthia Rose, and Stacy. When they were getting initiated they all had to repeat that they would “not allow their vocal cords be ripped out by wolves or they would not have any relationship with a Treblemaker”. 

The Barden Bellas have an enemy acapella group called the Treblemakers, who always win the International Championship of Collegiate Acapella (ICCA) Championship, and the Bellas despise their frontman, Bumper. Jesse, a freshman who works at the campus radio station with Beca, joined the Treblemakers. There is an undeniable chemistry between the two of them, but Beca seems to act uninterested. 

While performing to get to the ICCA Championship, Beca decided to take the risk that Aubrey was not willing to do and she sang “Bulletproof” which caught everyone by surprise. Aubrey started yelling at Beca after the performance, and when Jesse tried to step in to help, Beca took her anger out on him, mentioning that they were not dating. They did not win that performance so their season was over.

Weeks later, Aubrey got a call that one of the teams that made it to the finals was in high school so they were eliminated and gave the Barden Bellas a second chance. When they had their first practice, Beca was not invited and Chloe and Aubrey got into a big fight about Aubrey being too controlling. Chloe ended up calling Beca, and they had a group talk about their personal lives which made them closer as a group. Later that night they finally found their sound and began getting ready for the ICCA Championship. 

They sang a mashup of popular songs which moved the audience and Jesse. Their music won over the audience and overpowered the Treblemakers. After the performance, Beca went down to Jesse and they finally kissed. The Barden Bellas finally won the ICCA Championship, and Beca was given the honor of being the leader of the group for the next year. 

After watching this movie multiple times I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a romantic comedy that will have you singing and dancing. It has the perfect amount of dry humor and a wonderful mashup of music to go along with all the feelings. I think the story was very moving for people that relate to Beca, because she reached out of her comfort zone and found people and things that she loves.

Following Pitch Perfect 1,  Pitch Perfect 2 and Pitch Perfect 3, that follow similar but different storylines that are just as entertaining. 

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