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WHS implements a Recycling Box program to involve students to recycle.

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The Recycling Box System was created at WHS to teach people the importance of recycling and the benefit behind it. This system helps reduce waste, promote environmental sustainability, and save time as well as energy. By having The Recycling Box around, students gain better experience in how to treat any paper recycling item through their class activities.

Recycling paper is a big issue in schools where it is used daily in students’ lives; most school supplies contain papers that need to be recycled or else it will come out as waste.

The Eco Warriors and their advisor Ms. Coch have worked together to integrate the paper recycling system. Ms. Coch, said,“This system indicates all the useful advantages that are provided by The Recycling Boxes method, if everyone works together it will help make a difference.” 

The club is responsible for anything related to the school environment, such as emptying the recycling boxes once they are filled or gathering a list of teachers who participated.

Emily Overton, Eco Warrior said, “It is a bonding experience where each team member of the Eco Warriors volunteer every other Friday to take out the filled recycling boxes into the recycling bin outside.”

Teachers who are involved in The Recycling Boxes System have helped improve environmental sustainability by providing a recycling box in their classrooms to motivate students to recycle, rather than throw papers in the garbage.

Lexie Grzywa, a student at WHS said “I appreciate that my teacher considered providing a recycling box in the room, it makes it easier for me when it is near to save up time.”

All teachers of the WHS district must participate in this system in order to be considerate to their students. By providing this Recycling Box in their classroom, they give all students the chance to recycle if needed. 

Mr. Vaughn, a math teacher at WHS said, “The recycling rate has outdated the amount of paper that went into the trash, providing this recycling box has helped set a useful example in the classroom where students can follow along.”

WHS and the world benefit from students recycling and this program increases their opportunity to do so.

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