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Nutrition teas and shakes: a delicious fad amongst Woodhaven students

Paige Berridge

Nutrition places have popped up in every city Downriver as they have been popularized in the past two years.

Their recent claim to fame is from the creative teas, shakes, and iced protein coffees that they offer, which contain a mixture of beneficial supplements along with yummy flavors. 

Teenage girls have specifically taken a liking to the drinks that nutrition places offer. One local nutrition shop located in Woodhaven is Be Well Nutrition, and many WHS girls can be seen walking the halls with a mega tea from Be Well. 

Sophomore Emma Usher said, “They are so tasty and I literally would get one every single day if I could.”

The teas considered ‘mega’ are in a large 32-ounce plastic cup that showcases the colors of the drink. Teas are available in smaller sizes, as well. 

These teas are advertised with fun names inspired by movies, candy, and fruity flavors that correlate to the vibrant colors. The primary supplements in these drinks are collagen, aloe, and caffeine, and each one has a ‘tea’ base. 

The shakes are displayed as containing 300 calories or less, 24 grams of protein, and 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Shake flavors range from s’mores to blueberry cheesecake to green machine. 

Each month, Be Well drops specials that they sell for the entire duration of the month. This month, they are offering the tea ‘berry spritzer,’ which has blackberry and blue raspberry flavors, along with the shake ‘chocolate caramel crunch,’ which has peanut butter, caramel, chocolate, and pretzels. 

Be Well Nutrition claims that its drinks “offer a great alternative to traditional, unhealthy, fast food.” Their Google ‘About’ highlights that it has healthy, vegan, and vegetarian options. 

The price of the drinks may steer some customers away.

Senior Tori Landman said, “The only negative to nutrition places is how expensive they are for a single drink, however, other than that, they are very good.”

One mega tea comes out to a total of $9.27 with tax, and that is without possible additional charges of added supplements or no ice. However, the price of the teas can also be lessened by getting it without certain supplements such as caffeine or ordering a smaller size. 

Be Well and other nutrition spots also sell tea kits, which allow customers to make their own teas by mixing the included powders with water. These tea kits are less expensive than buying a tea in-store if bought on sale during customer appreciation day, which occurs every Friday.

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