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Tennis products worth the hype


Whether you are just starting to play tennis or have been playing for years, you want the best products that will last you a long time. The equipment you will need when playing tennis is a racket, tennis balls, and shoes. Plus there are many factors to consider when choosing the right products for your tennis. So here are a few products you may want to consider when picking what you want.

When looking for a starter racket, you want to look for certain aspects such as power, weight, grip, length, and head size. The Head Titanium Ti.S6 Strung racket fits all of those needs. The racket comes in a silver and blue color with a length of 27.75 in (70.49 cm) and a weight of 8.9 oz (256g), and the easiest for a beginner to use. Since the Head Titanium Ti.S6 Strung is a light racket it is easier to accomplish a powerful hit. Next is the grip size, which is changeable depending on what size you need. The grip sizes include 4¼, 4⅜, and 4½. The size depends on how you hold the racket and whether or not you can hold it tight enough. The Head Titanium Ti.S6 Strung costs $99.00 with the strings included. When just starting out playing tennis, this racket will give everything a new player needs to succeed. 

If this isn’t your first time picking up a racket, then the Head Boom Pro is a good quality racket for those who have been playing for a while. The Head Boom Pro comes in black/coral color. The length of the racket is 27in (68.58 cm) with a weight of 11.6 oz (329 g). Once you have been playing for a long time, you want to purchase a heavier racket to keep improving your game. The power level for the Head Boom Pro is low-medium, but the more advanced you are, the less power is needed from the racket. This racket is good on impact while playing, so your arms will not experience much pain after playing. This racket is more on the pricey side compared to the first one, but worth every penny. It costs $269.00 normally but is on sale at the moment for $99.00.

Another product needed is good quality tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are different from running shoes. They add extra support to the foot and ankles because you may be sliding on the court while playing. These shoes will keep your ankles more supported than the average pair of running shoes. There are also different types of court shoes, such as clay court, grass court, or hard top court shoes. This shoe is for a hard top court. The ASICS Court FF 3 is a good shoe overall, it was recently updated to make this shoe the top of its game. It comes in all different colors and sizes depending on what you are looking for. These shoes come in both women’s and men’s, so they’re available for everyone. ATP world number one, Novak Djokovic states, “It’s not easy to make a shoe comfortable, stable, and flexible all at the same time. Brilliant work done by the ASICS team because they’ve managed to achieve balance between those elements. Best dang shoe in the world.” The price for these shoes is on the high side at $170.00, but you are guaranteed to have a good shoe overall.

The perfect bag to meet all your needs is the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack, this bag offers a ton of space with specific compartments for the rackets, shoes, and other accessories. The compartment for the rackets can fit multiple rackets and has a thermal lining to keep your strings and rackets from overheating or freezing in the most extreme conditions. This bag is great for any level of play and will continue to help you thrive on the court. The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack costs $99.00 but will last you a lifetime. So consider the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 12 Pack in the mix when looking for your next tennis bag.

Overall when looking for new tennis products, these are great items to help your overall game and will be everlasting. So consider these items during your next shopping trip for tennis items.

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